Friday, April 20, 2007

The Best blogs in the last 10 minutes

Ok, Kan tagged me and so the theme to this tag is “what are your favorite five blogs”. Luckily I think I’ve only ever had about 5 readers anyway so I could get by and not have anyone’s feeling hurt by listing all of them but actually after counting, I guess I would. But then I thought, why bother with my bread and butter blog sites from Kan, Kurt, Suz, Iamnot, Scary Monster, Shawna, Mark, Starlet, Conti, and Marcheline. Sure, I read them every day and they are a lot of fun – you should be reading them too!. But what would that be providing my massive readership other than some well deserved pats on the backs (and these bloggers are good mind you) and more knowledge about links they already know. Perhaps I could redefine what “favorite top 5 meant” and introduce others to something interesting in the process.

Ok, since I never like to do anything the same way as anyone else, I decided I’d find 5 favorites right now, between 7:15 and 7:25am. Here you go:

The Church of Rick. Ok, never mind that this blog hasn’t been contributed to since last fall, you simply have to check out the 5 custom video specials Rick did on the blog. I must admit that this is a shameless plug for my cousin. Yes, Rick is my cousin. He is a semi-famous comedian. He was actually on the very short list of candidates for Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show spot along with Jay Leno and Dave Letterman. He also was up for an Emmy one year for a one man HBO comedy special he wrote and performed. It’s very funny. He’s quite brainy but utterly honest about himself and his problems. Not the kind of material I do; I tend to mask things with humor and focus on the irrelevant but never-the-less, this is good stuff.

Say No to Crack This blog is a lot like mine; full of lots of quirky and useless stuff. It seems to have multiple contributors to it also. I like it!

Casual Slack Some interesting stuff on this one. But mostly because way down toward the bottom of the posts was one on the Mork from Ork action figure with eggship. Awesome!

Joe Mathlete Explains Marmeduke. This is probably a known blog to many of you. Where else but in blogdom can you have somebody explain each daily comic to you. What a crack up.

Amazing Illusions. I like weird stuff like this site has. I find them amazing. Good choice for a blog title.


Shawna said...

Ah, thanks so much for the plug!

Kurt said...

I always liked JMEM.

Jen said...

woo hoooo
Thanks for
the shout out!

I linked you
at the slack


Scary Monster said...

You actually read me drivel, Me be stupefied! THX!

Actually went to the blogs you listed, got hooked on the optical illusions...

markjamesmurphy said...

VE, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

Unknown said...

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