Thursday, April 26, 2007

A horse is a horse

Welcome to part 4 of our Wild Kingdom series.

I'm going to dedicate this episode to the horse. Yes, that noble beast is probably history's most important animal. It was our transportation for like an eternity. I saw Braveheart and he was on a horse (well...when he wasn't running or painting his face that is). Flash forward and rewatch the westerns...all horses!

Sadly, the horse has been relegated to parks for Police patrols, tourist coaches, equestrian events, fairs and parades, and races. They mostly stand in stalls or enclosed pastures.

VE says NO MORE!!! I'm going to take my horse and she'll become my main transportation for the next day or so. We'll show 'em some things haven't been forgotten!!

Now the horse turns out to be wonderful during rush hour traffic. Going between lanes speeds things up and shortcuts over the pickups allows easy lane changes. Not bad for 1 horsepower!

The McDonald's drive through window needs to be a bit taller though. I had to get off the damn horse just to get my Egg McMuffin!

For some reason they kicked us out of the mall too. Something about the full out runs down the escalater ala Man From Snowy River...

I'm not sure that she liked the car wash either. And what those guys at Jiffy Lube tried to do to her...well, let me just say that they'll be hearing from the Cruelty to Animal people.

At night, we'd camp out just like in the old days; whever we happened to be. This particular night, we were at the ATM.


Scary Monster said...

Me has a pony. Me likes to ride him around the house.
Me also a big Steven Wright fan.

Long live the Houyhnhnms, Down with the Yahoos

Kurt said...

I like to see the stars when I sleep out with my pony.