Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Wheels - Part 2

We now return to our regularly broadcasted series.

Yes, the quest for new wheels is still on. I thought rather than getting attention through an attention getter, I'd do the same through innovation and save on some gas costs at the same time. I'll go green; it's the latest celebrity move!

My first choice was this cool little car. The only problem is that it's a 3-wheeler and they tend to tip over with aggressive driving. I'm aggressive but not raging. Still, I'm not a tippy cup!
Next, I moved on to a four wheeler. This one had nice visibility. The only problem was that if I needed to scratch my balls, everyone else had a front seat view of it. I'm not saying I scratch my balls but one must factor that in to the purchase of a car.
My next one was very cool. Note the large tire incorporated by the door. It was an added bonus that it was a one-seater. Nobody to nag you. Nobody to have to give a ride to. I like that. Still, it did have the full visibility. I guess these future cars were going to have that flaw. Utlimately, the lack of a proper spare for the tire was a real drawback.
My next one was what I affectionately called futuristic bubble golf cart. It didn't have the full view of some of the others but I just couldn't go near any golf courses either so I had to move on.
No if your going to go futuristic and light and high-tech and economical, might as well go all the way. I opted on this one seater. Amazingly it gets about a bazillion miles to the gallon and you can actually drive right into your dentist for quick work too. Ok, I'll admit, it's mostly a fair weather vehicle but if I move to the Atacama desert in Chile I won't have any worries because it rains about every 400 years in some parts there.
Oh, and if your going to purchase a pocket-size vehice, you certainly have the room for two. This one is my weekend offroad car...


Kurt said...

What about the Smart car?

Ed said...

The Smart Car just isn't unique enough. Too many people have 'em.

Shawna said...

Guess you aren't looking to get any action from the ladies any time soon? hahahaha

It's me, @Moustachio said...

What about a Pontiac Grand Prix? You like grenades, right?

Scary Monster said...

Hey there "E". Me knows that me only be visiting yer place for a short while now but me convinced that this be a cool place to hang. Me got tagged and was asked to give up the names of blogs me like to visit. This place be one of them.

Them bubble cars go perfectly with miniskirts.

Ed said...

SM...thanks for the nice reference! Does that mean I have to start posting things that are interesting or funny now?