Wednesday, April 11, 2007


While I was down in LA handing out $20's to rejected actors I made some visits to the top PR firms. They said I needed exposure. After I got out of jail for exposing myself they went on to explain that word of mouth is the way to go. So I got myself a custom plate when I drive down there.

Then I hired a local gang member to tag a certain wall. All the while handing out the $20's.
But word began to spread like wildfire. I started noticing my name in some places I wouldn't have expected.The Disney Co. took advantage of my online ticket purchase while down in California to do some personalized welcoming; which caused many people to be camped out at the entry waiting for me.
That's where I ran into some of my first groupies.
They in turn spread the word to an international scale.I was suddenly obligated to share with larger audiences so I started a world tour.
But it was getting out of hand. My name was everywhere. It seems I couldn't even escape it at my favorite hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant.

Suddenly new streets bore my name. Never live on a street that has your own name.
I had the respect of the scientific community.
People were minting coins in my honor.But in the end, this is all it would come down to.


Shawna said...

Someone has an awful lot of time on their hands...

Unknown said...

I love these posts! Insta-smile. Hard to come by when at work, but you did it. Thank you VE.

First there was KILLROY WAS HERE
Then came TURK 182!
Follwed by JANE SAYS
And now its VE KNOWS

The world is getting better and more informed with every slogan.

Gnomeself Be True said...

Great job.
I agree with Shawna though.

Scary Monster said...

Best use of generators me has seen to date. You be like a low-rider with a tank full of gas.

Look before you STOMP.

padraig said...

When will knowledge become wisdom? Can VE achieve Enlightenment? Only the blogosphere knows.

Anonymous said...

So how much is property going for on VE blvd?


This is funny, with a capital nny!