Thursday, April 19, 2007

Three romantic ideas

Ok, today we’ll dedicate the post to those who still believe in romance.

So today I’m opening the phone lines….

Caller 1 you’re on the air
VE, I’m tired of the same old dating scenarios. Movies are old and cliché, what should I do?

Dear caller…you need to be creative. It’s the thought that counts. Here’s an idea for you. Drive-in theatres are almost extinct in this country and yet there is still something fun and romantic about that venue. Why not create your own? Sure, it’ll take a little prep work but imagine this date scenario. You surprise her with your TV setup outside of your garage facing the driveway. If you have a car with a hatchback, use it and put a bunch of pillows and some munchies inside facing out toward the TV. Then watch your movie just like it was your own drive-in. No hatchback? Just get some comfy chairs side by side or even bean bags or blankets and pillows. This doesn’t even have to be about a romantic date if you don’t want it to be. Have friends or neighbors join in if you want something different. Any way you spin it…I guarantee it will be a hit and not forgotten.

Caller 2 you’re on the air
VE, I want a romantic dinner but all the restaurants have been done, what can you suggest?

Dear caller….you need to be creative. Anyone can pick a romantic restaurant and that might be good enough most times but if you want to really make it special, try this on a nice warm night: Don’t tell her what you have planned but have her meet you at a specific destination and time. The destination? Well, is there some place around that has great views for foot traffic only; like a park or vista? Maybe a great spot on a running path by the river or lake. Bottom line, find somewhere interesting and definitely not a place you would think of for dinner. It’s even more fun if there are others walking around too; I’m sure you’ll get a lot of enviable people that say hello throughout the evening. Anyway, you arrive 15 minutes before she would get there and set up a card table with a white tablecloth, two folding chairs (you can put something over them if you want to keep the look formal), and two full dinner settings with wine and bread. Perhaps you can order a nice meal take out from a restaurant and simply use that for the meal. If you are ambitious, cook it. But what it comes down to is that it is a romantic dinner for two in a place nobody would expect that to take place.

Caller 3 you’re on the air
VE, my romantic interest needs to be wowed. I’m talking something truly unique, adventurous, and fun. What can I do?

Dear caller….you need that extra VE-sized creative idea. Here’s what I’d suggest: A several hour ad-hoc adventure that culminates in a party with all her friends. This will work great for big birthdays like the big 30,40,50 too. It’s gonna take some prep and coordination of a lot of their friends to do this right.

First, get a commitment from everyone you want to participate in the end party. You’ll need their cell phone numbers and an agreement some participation from them when the time comes.

Next, find a light fun atmospheric location on which to end your adventure and reserve the time and place. Send out invites to all your party guests.

Then, map out a chain of people that they will call throughout this adventure.

The idea here is that you will be going with whomever your having this adventure with and they will be calling a cell phone number to kick it off. Each party member on the cell phone call has to come up with an idea of something they want the two of you to do. It shouldn’t be something that takes too long; that way it will allow multiple part members to contribute to the montage of things. They should be interesting and perhaps crazy ideas. You should probably set some ground rules to contain the adventures to within a certain area of the city so that you don’t spend a lot of time commuting from one thing to the next. Here are some suggestions, but I’m sure everyone can come up with some others:

- You head to some famous bar or restaurant for Spanish coffees
- You must head to the nearest adult store and buy a “toy” (which you will share what you purchased at the party).
- You have to each get $5 bills and give them away to a stranger but only in return for a song (or some crazy request like that)
- You have to head to the bookstore and buy (or just write down if you want to budget) the most boring book you can find (and share it at the party)
- You must go to Goodwill and pick up and change into the most un-trendy item you can find (for those that are bold)

So he/she is calling numbers but without names. Imagine their surprise when they get somebody familiar but didn’t know their cell phone numbers by heart. Anyway, their friend gives them the task, you do it and then you call them back. They then give you another number to call. You call this and the cycle starts again. You of course have the full chain of people to call and you’ve provided each of them with the next number to give out.

It all ends at your location and only you and the guests know when and where that is. Make it a surprise at the end; like it’s just another task.

Enjoy the party; you’ll be talking about the adventure all night (and probably longer).

And that’s all the calls we’ll be taking today.

Thanks for participating and remember these will be unique because…well, because I just made them up.


Kurt said...

Will try tonight.

Unknown said...

Tag, you're it.

Scary Monster said...

It looks as if spring has sprung. And that not be fantastical nonsense.

The dinner sounds nice. Me will have to get to it once the weather warms up a bit.

Mrs. Monster will owe you her thanks iffin Me does a good job


Gnomeself Be True said...

I'm done with romance...I used to be romantic and look what it got me.