Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tour de France, here I come!

Ever see those bicycle racers wipe out because their skinny little tires lost traction in a curve or on a rain soaked decent?

Ever see them get their tire caught between those cobblestone streets and break their collar bone?

Ever see them wallowing in mud and have to pick up the bike for lack of traction?

Well I'm waaaay ahead of them thanks to my new Nike bikey. Yes, what lacks in speed surely makes up in traction and safety. While they're all sprawled out on the cement in some sort of pick-up-sticks arrangement, I'll be pedeling on by and on my way to the yellow jersey!!!


House of Suz said...

You are always the first kid on the block with the new gadget. You will most likely be the only one with this one.

Kurt said...


Scary Monster said...

What do you do when you get a flat?