Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Who decided

Who decided that clockwise meant going around in a circle to the right? And couldn’t they come up with a better phrase than counter-clockwise? Puleez; that is so Spy-vs-Spy.

Who decided that X and Y got to be the main two axis when graphing? Come on…I mean seriously look at those letters? They aren’t vertical or horizontal at all. Surely ‘I’ should have been the vertical. Perhaps T or L should have represented the horizontal.

Who decided green means go, red means stop and yellow is subject to interpretation? I mean in nature berries that are green are almost always poisonous whereas red berries are only poisonous about half the time. We should have devised these color recognitions based on the laws of berries folks. Blue/purple berries are always edible. Go should be blue; instead it got shafted into some sort of sign info role telling people where the next piss stop will be.

I tell you…I want to get in on these decision making processes!


Kurt said...

I believe Benjamin Franklin made most of those decisions early on.

Shawna said...

I'm sure someone, somewhere has a website dedicated to all of your answers.

Google away!