Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blog Interview

No, I'm not technical enough or cruel enough to leave a sound link of me singing. But I also got on the interview band wagon that as far as I know originally started from Will at Be the Boy but then Shawna actually sent me some here you go.

1. Why do you blog, why did you start, and why do you continue?

“Because its there”. Oh wait, that was already used for why people climb Mt. Everest. Well, blogging has no rules, no deadlines, no ads and no sales pitch. You don’t even have to worry about whether you have readers. And it's fun to write naked...wait...stike that, you didn't read it.

For me it is a creative outlet. In the same way that I have inventions, stories, songs and business ideas pop into my head all the time and journal those; so it goes with all the of weird or curious stuff. It’s sort of like the concept of the last Harry Potter movie where Dumble Dore uses his wand to remove and store memories from his brain because its too cluttered. My mind would be too cluttered without blogging sometimes.

Suz got me started in blogging (she’s like the Johnny Appleseed of blogdome).

2. Your favorite bloggers, who are they, and how did you find them?

House of Suz. She got me started. She has a funny sort of humor and then gets all worked up by republicans and other certain injustices. After this I was influenced by her links and I added:
It's not – Iamnot also got started through Suz and his blog is much more personal but not in a boring or bitching kind of way. We’d probably be friends in real life as I can relate to a lot of what he writes. Plus, he’s a damn good photographer.
MarkJamesMurphy – I don’t know where Mark finds his stuff but he’s always sharing some crazy thing he’s found out in Internet land.
Don’t Read My Blog While on a Jog – Conti is funny and so I kept with up with his blog even though he only posts infrequently.
Other People Exist – Kurt has great mini threads and funny stories and he posts quite regularly. I can always count on something new and good here.
Kanrei Home for Wayward Lemmings – This was my first site not influenced by Suz links. I found Kan through a random blog roll. He’s got all of the political and introspective stuff that I don’t do so it’s a good compliment.
Mental Meatloaf – Marcheline always had great waitress stories; those stories from hell that only a waitress experiences. She also comes up with some wild pics for her posts. Found here from comments left on other blogs I was reading.
Me No Blog – Scary Monster is a recent add. I find it amazing anyone can write Scary Monster style for that long. That is scary! Plus SM is always there for a post comment and that is always appreciated.
The Word of Furr – Shawna is another recent add and a friend of Suz I gather. Anyone that thinks I’m on meds but still reads my drivel is ok with me. Besides, we’re both going to make our readers nasious with our new relationships.
Say No to Crack – I think this one is contributed to by a number of people but it is one of my favorites because I find the humor funny and the posts interesting and refreshing.

There are more that I look at from time to time and some new ones that I am considering as well.

3. If you could meet any one blogger, who would it be, and why?

Does Jessica Alba blog? Actually, I’d prefer not to meet any blogger. I enjoy the anonymity of it all.

4. Boxers or briefs and why?

Uh oh. Ok, I’ll just be very blunt; besides I really don’t know anyone out here in real life. Briefs are my only option. Because being on the large side I don’t need to be a swinger! It’s sort of like asking Dolly Parton whether she wears a sports bra or a light blouse when running.

5. Transformers vs. Godzilla, who wins and why?

Godzilla, baby!!! Machines don’t win fictional story lines. Look at 2001 A space odyssey. The Terminator. The Day the Earth Stood Still. Star Wars saga. None of those machines won in the end either!

Ok, there you have it. If you would like me to interview you, just leave me a comment and I will come up with a few guaranteed off the wall questions and send them to you via a comment posting (keeps it anonymous rather than using email).


Gnomeself Be True said...

Thanks E, I'm sure you're right. In any case, we both have excellent taste in women.

Kurt said...

I'm pleased to be mentioned.

I was a long-time briefs man, but switched to boxers about 7 years ago. I like the airiness.

Shawna said...

Man, mentioned twice in one blog...I feel so special. Yes, I am a friend of Suz, I used to waitress at a bar in Dallas and her and her ex hubby used to come up....ALL THE TIME. We became friends through that. I visited a few times once they moved to P-Town, but unfortunately have not seen her in years and years. Of course, she looks exactly the same, guess I've known her since 1997.

MC said...

I concur with Godzilla.

markjamesmurphy said...

You sir, are still a gentleman and a scholar.

Scary Monster said...

Me feels really dumb 'cuz me missed this post and didn't comment.
You think that people think Me be talking strange? Funny Me be thinking that others be strange.


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