Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gravity is now on your side

Want to flatten that stomach? Well in a VE exlcusive, see how gravity itself can work for you!
Yes, utilizing the new patented techniques of crab walking and back bending into all of your everyday activities, now you too can let gravity work for you rather than against you.
Ladies...walking upright forces your breasts down to your knees over time. It's a physical force. But using that same constant through a complete lifestyle change into a walking crab, you too can push those babies up nice and high! Watch also as it flattens your stomach and pushes away wrinkes from your face. All because they are on top!!
Slowly, crabettes (as they are commonly called) are being excepted in everyday society. Frat boys aren't placing their feet on them as often and you can even buy special hand sneakers for longer walks.
Those who were active before have found that they can still be just as active and competitive; just a little bit slower.

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Kurt said...

I recall I was very good at that as a youngster. So I had that one thing.