Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Top 5 After School shows

When I was a kid, I'd come home after school and watch syndicated reruns of various TV shows. These were 5 of my favorites:

My all time favorite was Wild Wild West. This had it all; cool gadgets, he always got the girl, lots of fighting, mini-cliff hangers. Interestingly, in the pilot they had this artwork intro and one of the scenes he punches the girl because shes trying to stab him in the back. It was later edited to simply let go of her and then he tips his hat and walks off. Good old censorship to be politically correct way back in 1965...
Ok, I don't dress up as a vulcan or speak Romulan but I did enjoy this show. Easy to make fun of but the story lines, while simple and low tech, were also very good. And just last week Scotty had his ashes blown into space...
This one was more obscure but I thought it was cool because they were stuck on a planet much like Earth but everything was huge. They always used a safety pin and thread as their rope. They were always climbing up and down phone cords among other things.
Another obscure show but again, I thought this one was cool. I have no idea why now. I cannot remember much about it anymore. Guess I should watch the DVDs.
Well, what boy wouldn't like a scantily clad woman that was built like Barbara Eden and went around calling you Master and only wanting to please you.

So...I'm old and that is why it was these shows...what were yours?


Gnomeself Be True said...

We are apparently the same age...I've got the same shows.
Even when I was a kid, I thought Major Nelson was an idiot.
"Come here Jeanie! Who's your master?"
He married her! Why the hell did he do that? I mean get your dance of veils and stick her back in the bottle man!

Shawna said...

Well, this will show off that I'm a bit younger than you, but I'd say my top five shows were:

1. Land of the Lost
2. H&R Puffinstuff
3. Electric Company
4. MTV - they actually used to show videos!
5. Friday Night Videos (I know this isn't an after school show, but I remember staying up all nite just to watch it)

Kurt said...

Star Trek and Wild Wild West, yes. But let us not forget Kung Fu, the show on which I have unwittingly based my life philosophy. Also, Kimba.

jodi said...

Hi Variant E. I've been lurking all around these linked sites, but since being busted by Furr and iamnot, I will start commenting.

Like you, I always seemed to watch the rerun shows,not the first run after school shows. Or maybe back then they didn't have first run shows forkids...what demographic?

My faves:
1. Little House on the Prairie. I didn't realize it was Christian propaganda, I just loved me some Laura and Manly!
2. Happy Days
3. Three's Company
4. Different Strokes
5. Good Times

we could go on and on, Family Ties, Facts of Life, Who's the Boss, Growing Pains....