Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A New Spin on Life

See, already your comments are going to make this redesign of life so much easier!

Welcome back to part 2. Actually, before we can start our new game, we have to address this spinner device

I don’t think so. How many times have you spun this thing only to watch it fly out of it’s lava dome holder like an attack flying saucer only to have it slice into the neck of what was up until that moment your girlfriend? Too many times, right? Or what is with the little plastic piece sticking between two numbers and sort of bending? Is that a specific design to insight family arguments?

No, that device needs to be replaced with something both more accurate and useful to prepare you for life’s realities. I suggest the life slot machine with one-armed bandit pulling action. Not only will you get an actual undisputed number, but it will prepare you for Vegas too! How practical is that??!! Plus, you’ll secretly wonder if it all isn’t pre-programmed and not really random at all; how much more like life can you get??!!

Next Up. A new start at life


Kurt said...

When I was little, my father gave me a dime to put in the slot machine. I put it in, pulled the handle, and out came twenty cents. When I showed it to him, he made me repay the dime he had given me.

Shawna said...

We actually used to have contests to see who could make the spinner fly the farthest. No eyes were put our or any injuries...

Ed said...

And Kurt, did that teach you not to show him you won the 20 cents in the first place? :)

Shawna, I forgot about that contest! We used to make up house rules to the game all the time. Like if you landed on payday, you had to pay every other player an actual quarter (hey, that was a lot of money for a kid back then!).