Thursday, May 31, 2007

T-Shirts I probably couldn't wear to Work

Ok, one of the benefits of my slack job is the ability to wear shorts, sandals, and T-Shirts to work too. But as casual as it may be, there are still certain boundaries. I'm pretty sure I couldn't get away with this shirt:

I'm sure I'd be seeing HR about this one too. Probably also having the women around the office rolling there eyes and thinking "oh brother".
I might have gotten away with this one at some point but I think the office is too internet savy now...those perverts!
Ok, perhaps I could get away with this one on a slow Monday if I walked by quickly. But I would fear once one person actually figured it out, it would spread like wildfire.
Not a chance...we are acronym crazy where I work.

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EJL said...

ha haha ha got the tshirt.

Took a minute if I must confess