Sunday, May 06, 2007

Virtual Road Tour

VE is going to go on a little road tour. But being that gas is outrageous and his new Smart Monster Car is a tad bit on the low end of the MPG scale, it’ll be a virtual road tour.

“But VE, what is a virtual road tour?”

That would be to find a trip from Blog to Blog through links that take you full circle. Start from your own blog and see just how far you can get and still get back. It’s easy to wander off into blogdome but to find a way back; that is the challenge. Come on to the tour with me…

Ok, we have VE useless drivel. Remember folks, this is a snapshot in time and that should you try the trip too, you'll potentially see different posts at the various stops.

Ah, one of my favorite stops. They are featuring a keyboard wafflemaker. Yummy. Goes good with laser printer ink powder sprinked on top and some butter.

Excellent. They are featuring a new Pokemon game where you 'gotta catch em all' but instead of strange little creatures from the minds of Japanese men living in too small of an apartment you have to catch all the stupid celebrities we're forced to deal with daily. They got Paris...

Hey, this is pretty literary for me. I'll just look at the pictures. They're pretty funny...

Oooh fun...a caption photo contest! Already 77 entries and a lot of damn good ones. I can't resist adding my own stupid humor one though.

Here we have a timeline post. In reading it I see somebody else pre-writes their posts too. I do this because "I see dumb posts" at whatever hour.

Here we have a post written first person by their cat and there are 266 comments on this post. I'm not making that up! If I had 2.6 comments it would be staggering.

Ha ha. Ouch. This one has a parody on internet dating sites for "players". It's hilarious. Too bad the blog owner is 250 years old (says so right in her blog profile). That's a little over my age criteria even though she does look pretty hot (probably an old photo from 1797). If you believe in censorship, you should probably avoid this site; it might have language and pictures too much for you.

Whoa. She uses the "F" word 23 times in this post alone. No, it wasn't coincidence, she used it 14 times in the prior one. I was almost afraid to comment, but it is a stop along the road tour so I have to post.

Well now, this one as a post on the question of whether size really matters. Hmmm...I don't think it would be wise to comment on this one way or the other.

Back to familiar blogdome territory. Unfortunately, Scary Monster is away at charm school. Charming!
And back to my blog. Well, I was able to loop through blogdome and visit 11 different sites on the journey. See if you can do the same?


ADW said...

Ha Ha - pretty neat-o. Kind of like 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon or whatever it was. I will keep it clean for your blog, but yes I do swear a lot. Oh well, what to do.

Thanks for the visit.

tfg said...

Interesting. This just proves that my theory that Blogosphere is rather inbred is valid. Well, that and all of the sisterkissing.

Shawna said...

Sisterkissing....haha, love that it's one word.

I cuss a lot too, but not that much! Guess I'm gonna have to up my ante!

Kurt said...

That post looked like a LOT of work.

Ed said...

It was some work but I suffer for you Kurt (and my other readers).

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