Wednesday, June 06, 2007

New York Acronyms

Ever notice that the police department of New York City have the acyonym "NYPD"? Simple. Stands for New York Police Department.

But have you also noticed that the fire department of New York City have their acronym reversed to "FDNY"? Simple too. It stands for Fire Department of New York.

Ever wonder why they didn't adopt the same acronym format? Simple, if you used New York Fire Department it would be "NYFD" which sort of looked like "knifed" and not something they want to promote.

Life is full of little oddities; somebody just has to notice them.


Mother Theresa said...

That is odd. Another odd thing is that I'm actually going to try the blog trip thing. Since you suggested it, I'll just start here.

Gnomeself Be True said...

Actually, I noticed this just after 9/11.
I never mentioned it thought because it seemed a crass moment to pick nits.

Ed said...

Theresa - Good for you. Good luck on that road trip; take some munchies!

iamnot - Yeah, I noticed it back then too and it was just the other day I thought I should just do a post to see if anyone else was thinking the same thing.

Jenny! said...

Weird! Some people notice the darndest things!

Ed said...

Jenny - Yep, weird is as weird does!

Shawna said...

I've always wondered that, but never actually wrote it down to see it in the reverse way...very interesting...oh smart one!

Ed said...

Shawna - not smart, just obnoxiously curious.

amyerj said...

ha - several years ago they changed the name of a local university from:

North Texas State University


University of North Texas

Imagine the jokes about the new name of the radio station? From KNTS to KU*T?

Didn't happen of course. Chickens...