Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Playing on the Freeway

Crap...I missed blogging yesterday. But here's a note from my Mom and its a good one!

So I took my girlfriend rollerskating with the kids. First time to meet them. She proceeded to then fall and break her wrist!

Ugly break too; looked like a roller coaster ride.

At the emergency room they hung her arm with weights by two fingers in some sort of Chinese torture. This would supposedly straighten the arm out again. Weirder still, it was actually working!

Then they reset the bones. And I mean like they squeezed them around as if her wrist were made out of play-doh or something.

So the prognosis was that she did enough fractures that she'd need a plate put!

So she has a surgery appointment and we both adjust our entire schedules around it. Then they call and she's been bumped by two more threatening breaks and her surgery is postponed by three days but she does her best job convincing them they cannot postpone it that long and so they schedule it for the next day instead. With a foot doctor specialist. Will she have an anklebone where her wrist is now???

Then they call again the next morning and bump her again! Apparently they play this shuffle game with less critical surgery. At that point, we seriously considered going to play on the freeway in hopes of making it a little worse so she could move up in the line and get on with her healing! Well...the thought crossed our mind.

In the end, she'd waited so long that by the time she saw a real wrist specialist, he noticed that the healing was straight and going well and they won't do surgery now.

Crazy stuff that medical!


Camille Alexa said...

That's NUTS. Seriously.

Unknown said...

That is amazing. Shows how things will just work out, however I am concerned about the luck issue. I mean if she breaks her wrist the first time you meet her kids, what will happen next time you see them? Avoid the kids for both our sakes.

Gnomeself Be True said...

Science is wonderful.
Medicine is something else entirely.

Ed said...

littlebirdblue - It IS nuts. There was some other guy that needed surgery on his toe and he's still waiting almost two weeks later. He keeps getting bumped!

kanrei - Actually, she was meeting my kids! I do have this unlucky karma though but it usually only affected me; I am concerned about that!

iamnot - You got that right!

Unknown said...

Oh, she met your kids. This makes your family unit very unlucky for said female. Send her to Florida right away. The only salvation for her is total Kanrei coverage. If you care for her, you will do this for her =D

Angel said...

that is crazy!!!! And what a way to start out, huh?

my kid broke her wrist when she fell on the ice at school...cast for 6 weeks, and it STILL hurts her!

Ed said...

Beth - Ack, don't say that! We have a trip to the Carribean scheduled Aug 3rd; which is about 7 weeks away.

robkroese said...

Geez. And if it hadn't been healing straight...? [Shudder]

Carla said...

Okay, that's both crazy and a little scary. I don't trust the medical system much and this doesn't reinforce the little faith I have. At least she didn't end up having unnecessary surgery.

Mother Theresa said...

I don't think she'll let you take her rollerskating again any time soon. At least the whole thing turned out okay, and no surgery needed, you gotta wonder about those doctors sometimes.

Jenny! said...

Ouch! No surgery is a good will heal faster I hope!

Shawna said...

Um, hello? Am I the only one who noticed that E has his first trip planned with the new lady? Gee people, pay attention!

Big step there E, you ready for that?

Does she have kids too? I guess I didn't pick up you had kids, what is your tribe made up of?

Ed said... are MUCH too observant! So for the record: Yes, I have two kids and yes, this is the first time I will be taking a trip with my new girlfriend. In fact, she is the first to have ever met my kids as I keep dating and kids in their separate worlds! Oh, and no, she doesn't have kids but gets along well with mine. Yep, I'm ready for the trip. How much of a bad time can you really have on a beach in the Carribean?

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