Monday, June 04, 2007

Working condition cutbacks

Most of my neighbors are engineers and work for large companies that answer to shareholders. In an effort to save ridiculous amounts of money to mask over the real misuse of funding, these companies have done some various employee cutbacks to save costs.

Here we have my neighbor with his new mobile computing solution...

Some of the costs have been in the computer support teams. Since many employees must now dial in from home as a result of selling their desks on ebay to boost liquid income in the company, they've also gone ahead and administered a more self serve virus protection program.
Those that didn't have their desks sold; they've had to squeeze in on their working space a bit more than they are accustomed to in order to downsize. Here we see a new program implemented in which they've moved workers into these moving PODs (movable storage units) that you see in neighborhood streets. In a bold move, you can get 30-40 people in one of these and save on building costs!
There have been salary cutbacks too. With the high cost of gas, this has prompted many of my neighbors to commute by other methods as seen below.
Yes...and sadly, janitorial services have been on the decline as well.
But the good news, the stock is up a quarter of a percent!!!!


Scary Monster said...

It be frightening when someone wraps the truth in a blanket of farce to keep us from shakin our heads at the injustice of it all.

Say it ain't so, E. Say it ain't so!

Love that pic of the train...What a long strange trip it's been.

Ed said...

Yeah SM, you know if they could get away with all of that; they would! The movie Office Space is sadly almost a documentary!

amyerj said...

Aha - now I know who you are. We must have worked together. That last toilet pic is what helped me piece it together.