Thursday, June 21, 2007

WTF was that comment?

Ok, so I get back, check my blog and woe and behold, actual readers have commented. Wonders never cease! Thanks! But then, I see this anonymous comment on my "stupid" post and it's 13,367 fucking words of utter nonsense.

Do I not have passwords invoked on my blog? I'll have to check...apparently not.

"Always remember the Italian boot. It illustrates so much."
What in hell does this mean? I'd like to give whoever wrote it an Italian boot...right in the ass.

"As sports memorabilia collectors learn more about the god's system they realize what they are doing is wrong."
See, that's the problem. I haven't been consulting the memorabilia collectors for my religous road map to salvation.

You need to fix your problems and get off Planet Earth before you have children.
Oh, now there's good advice. And where might I be going, and how might I be getting there? Sorry, I'm just preoccupied in the little details here...

Oh, Oh, and the best part is that they promise another 100,000 words to come. Come on...sing it with know the tune "I'm so excited..."

Ah well, I'll leave it on there until I post again in case your really bored. Meanwhile, I need a shower because while I didn't actually meet up with bigfoot, I think I smell like him. Camping post coming...


ADW said...

Eau de Sasquatch. Bottle it up and sell it to the hippies. They'll love it.

Jenny! said...

Wash that swamp ass fast!

Kurt said...

Never forget the Italian geographic clue, for it can alleviate confusion.

Serena said...

You'd think that if somebody's going to spam, they could at least spell a few of the words right. This guy's ass now belongs to Twisted Linguistics.:-)

Camille Alexa said...

That dude needs the Espresso Book Machine. O, but maybe not the espresso.

Ed said...

adw - I think the bottle would break!

jenny - Done!

kurt - Exactly...

sj - Anybody that bothers to write that much nonsense is too whacked out for spell check.

lbb - Nooo, don't give them espresso.

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