Friday, August 17, 2007

The Chinese Copycat Connection

This latest move by the East to adopt or copy Western ways has gotten out of hand. Am I the only one to see it?

Aug 2 – Minneapolis bridge collapses killing and injuring people
Aug 15 – Chinese bridge collapses killing 132

Coincidence? Maybe... But who ever heard of a cement bridge being constructed without metal rebar for support? Apparently not the Chinese…

Aug 6 – Minors trapped in Utah…rescue efforts underway…
Aug 18 – Flood in Chinese Coal Mine traps 172

Coincidence? Hmmm… VE sees a sick pattern emerging. Sure; it was ok when they were buying all of our used Levis for their obsession with western culture. You remember the vans set up in unused parking lots around the states? That was pretty harmless. But this latest fad has crossed the line!

What will we hear about next?

- A simulation of this week’s Tropical Storm Erin’s Texas two-step in the Gansu region? (I have no idea where the Gansu region is but it sounds really good, doesn’t it?)

- Identical Chinese quintuplets to overshadow the identical Montana quadruplets?

- Chinese Michael Vick copycats?

It’s got to stop I tell you. The Chinese obviously have secret bases and documents proving all of this and they are misleading the UN investigators from them. We’re gonna have to invade before they start cloning Paris and Lindsay look alikes over there and sending them here!

What a world!


Kurt said...

Those Chinese and their dangerous products. Who knew that if you demanded the absolute cheapest price that quality/safety would suffer? Strange.

robkroese said...

Man, this is troubling. Once the Build-a-Bear fad catches on over there, we're screwed.

Although somehow I don't see Chinese getting the concept of having to pay to assemble toys.

Serena said...

All we have to do is tell Dick Cheney China has WMD. Problem solved.:-)

Carla said...

China is one wild place...yep, need to watch out for that copycat mentality. Just where will it stop?

Ed said...

kurt - And when they are caught, the government executes them! "Bad're dead!"

diesel - Thank God they see Build-a-Bear as some cruel joke of a toy. You'll have to add the erradication of Build-a-Bears into your presidential campaign. That should postpone forward momentum another 10 years.

serena joy - He's gonna need some more shot guns!

carla - Welcome back or welcome from wherever you are currently. Yes, I'm afraid your going to have to be our spy on the copy cat front over there. My Cantonese isn't that good...