Friday, August 17, 2007



Ed said...

I like to play with different rules. Today...why not do the post in the comments rather than just a post. We'll see just how many of my dozen readers actually figure this out.

And since this is a comment section…I have a few comments to make.

First of all, I’ve been wondering why it is against the law to kill yourself. It makes no logical sense. If you are successful…you’re DEAD!!! Are there courtrooms full of lawyers dragging a corpse around so that they can prosecute? And if you are not successful in your attempt, your innocent because you are still alive!!! Go figure.

Did you know that the standard speed of film is 24 frames per second. That means that if you were like Truman from “The Truman Show” and had a camera on you 24x7 then by the time you were 10 years old, you already had over 7.5 billion photo shots taken of you? That’s a lot of opportunity to have a bad hair shot or in your teeth!

I know I’ve been out of the country nearly all summer and so I’m confused on the whole “John Belushi Annual Death Race” between Lindsay, Brittney and Paris. It looks like Lindsay appears to be in the lead at the moment. I see that Amy Whinehouse might be a late entry participant but that she’s really been training none-the-less.

And for those of you that did find my post today. Congratulations... you are not a predictable lemming at all!!

House of Suz said...

I agree that Lindsay is in the lead but Amy may pull a sneak attack and win it all!

Go for the gold, girls!

Gnomeself Be True said...

Actually, I'm here by accident. I was going to comment on the witty concision of your "Hmmm" post.
Looks like you blew that one.


Unknown said...

It is perfectly legal to kill yourself. It is illegal to fail at it. We reward success, but punish failure. I personally feel bad for those who fail. I mean you already feel like a failure thus the drive to kill yourself. Imagine how it must feel to even fail at that?

"Predictble Lemming?" Is that a slam on yours truely?

LiLo has my vote. Infact, I picked her to follow Merv and Phil this week.

Ed said...

Suz - Yes, but even if they all get golds (ie dead) they'll just be replaced by more obnoxious ones waiting.

iamnot - Yeah, leave it to me to not be able to have some useless drivel...even if it is in the comments section. Oh...and most people get to my blog by accident. :)

kan - I thought you'd notice that. But actually, aren't we (your readers) the actual lemmings? No slam...just thought that was the best for those that expect the norm and don't look for something different.

Kurt said...

Lindsay is definitely in the lead. Britney is more sporadic in her outbursts, and Paris has really mellowed since she found what she calls God.

Scary Monster said...

Me didn't expect the post. Just wanted to make one of me inane remarks about it. But seeing that me be a lemming of sorts me would have to say that the head of the lemming house has already summed up me thoughts quite nicely.


Anne said...

I clicked on the comments to see what was up. And why there were several comments already made for an empty post. Uh, so am I a lemming or a curious reader?

Ed said...

kurt - Maybe we should put them all on a special episode of Survivor. They could have the location be one of those celebrity rehab facilities that never seem to work.

sm - See now, you had the fortitude to actuall check the comments and discovered a whole subpost and dialog. I would be curious how many just looked at the post, saw that is was blank, and simply moved on because that is the format they are used to.

anne - Congrats. You be a curious reader. You might be a lemming in blogdome if you are a Kanrei follower but that's a whole different things. For the record, I'm a proud Kanrei lemming. I just thought it would be fun to conceal the entire day down into the comments section and see if anyone bothered to notice. Clearly the curious did!

Camille Alexa said...