Saturday, August 18, 2007


Am I the only one that thinks it is funny that Amy Whinehouse has a hit out right now talking about her father trying to send her to rehab and she's saying "No, no, no" when in real life she has cancelled all her remaining August performances and is in rehab? Isn't entertainment entertaining?

Aren't you glad my entire post was nothing but questions? Are you wondering if I can do this all day? Doesn't it get kind of obnoxious after awhile though?


Serena said...

But don't you like questions? I do, don't I? Are you betting on how long Ms. Whinehouse stays in rehab? Will you win? Will you care? What will you do with your winnings?

Scary Monster said...

Who be Amy Winehouse? Be her song good or not? Will you be visiting her during her treatment or do you not particularly care?
Don't you feel that you should be dealing with these issues on yer blog? After all, enquiring minds want to know, don't they?

Mother Theresa said...

Amy Whinehouse? Who's Amy Whinehouse? I think we need more information on this "whining" woman.

Ed said...

sj - You play the question game too well, don't you?

sm - Ah, another excellent question game player. I should have expected questions back from all my readers. Doh!

theresa - Welcome back. Haven't heard from you for awhile. Fear not, I've linked all your answers in my latest post.

Jenny! said...

I hate that song! It makes me want ot puke! Quite ironic though!

Dan said...

I think that's the point of Winehouse's song, which I love. By the way, I'm still astounded that she's white and Jewish. Her amazing singing voice just doesn't match!

Thanks for visiting my blog. That was, like, cool ... or something.

Shawna said...

Am I surprised that everyone commented in questions? Am I shocked that people don't like Amy Winehouse and are retarded for not liking her music? Is it just me, or is her voice amazing?

Ed said...

jenny - Are they sending you to rehab too? Say it ain't so.

dan - Oh, thanks for stopping buy. You're like the guy that posts and 857,000 people comment. Wow.

Shawna - I knew you couldn't resist the question theme. But where the hell is a post lately girl?