Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Time Management the VE way

I know what your thinking. "VE, I love living in the USA but things are just so out of hand. I can't seem to get everything done. The commute times are just getting worse and worse."

Fear not gridlock laden patriot! VE is fortunate to be gifted with a unique sense of business entrepanuerialship (is that a word?).

Thanks to my new patented business, you no longer have to head down to the beauty salon for that shampoo and hair style. My business comes on the road with you!

Yes, imagine not having to even bother to fix your hair in the morning prior to that 45 minute commute to work. Thanks to our patented tub attachment, you can now schedule your hair appointment in the car at your convenience.
Our expert staff will shampoo, cut, style, blow dry and even take modelling photos that we will shamelessly try to sell to shampoo companies all within the confines of your car during your commute.

Gridlock at a stop? Good time to relax and lean your head back for a soothing wash and condition. That pesky drivers left side? Don't worry, we'll get that while your craning your neck trying to merge in where nobody will let you in.

We also offer nail service in the car. Yes, just put one hand down and our nail staff will easily and soothingly do your nails while you drive. In as little time as the drive over to the soccer tournament, you could have the best nails in the Moms club!

Ask about our upcoming liposuction and laser eye surgery packages for your commute coming your way this fall!


Nessa said...

Do you do pedicures?

Kurt said...

Wow - you even do the little nail sparkles.

Serena said...

It's about time somebody thought that up. I'm definitely up for it. Those nails look great!:)

ADW said...

What about vaginal rejuvinations?

Logophile said...

Can I just get someone to drive?
Then I can nap, I think that would work best for me.

Paula D. said...

Hilarious! Ummmm.....can I get a bow wax?

Ed said...

goldennib - Yeah, that might be a bit difficult...too much unwanted pushing on the gas pedal!

kurt - It's the attention to detail that is important in todays consumer world

sj - We aim to please!

adw - You know; sometimes the business owner has to do things personally. I think that would be the time!

logophile - Don't they have that already. I might be mistaken but I think it's called public transportation. You even get to share it with about 100 or so of your best (and stinkiest) friends!

paula - You sure can! We'll be offering a special in the fall.

Uncivil said...

I'm sorry VE. I got sidetracked by ADW's comment about "vaginal rejuvinations"

I was wondering just what that consisted of, K Y Jelly for the younger ones, and Poligrip for the older?

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