Monday, August 20, 2007

Updates and Body World

Who in the hell is Amy Whinehouse (refer to my previous post)? Here's a link to YouTube for her Rehab song. If you want her bio, try the one on wikipedia here. And then the whole irony to her rehab while that song is out is here.

Iamnot sent in a request that I have wild monkey sex while in the Dominican Republic. I can happily say that request was satisfied on the most popular surfer beach there; Cabarete. Thank you for that request by-the-way.

Many have been wondering now that I am not travelling around the world but still on vacation, what could I possibly be doing other than blogging? And while I could blog for 12 hours a day, I think that would be like eating an entire box of Captain Crunch. Sure it's good and fun, but should I do it. I have a feeling in the end it would be bad.

No, VE hasn't just been sitting around. I can only go biking and hiking so much and so I decided I'd check out what is in town. Here's one thing I found:

Yes, I stood with the other 225,385 that saw the Body Worlds exhibit yesterday.

You’ve heard about this right? You know, the one with the real bodies that have been sliced, split open, melted down, you-name-it to show you exactly what our bodies look like from all angles and viewpoints.

The process is call Plastination. It’s like Alien Nation but more human. Now I thought that good old shrink wrap or seal-a-meal would work well but apparently there is a bit more to the process than I thought.

I have to say, the skin doesn’t hold up too well. First of all, it needs some serious moisturizer and they could use a little bit of sun too. Can’t we just wheel them outside for a little bit? They don’t have to worry about skin cancer anymore.

Couple of tips to avoid if you plan on seeing it:

- Don’t go right after that brunch; especially if you ordered the bacon

- Don’t go out to dinner right after; that medium rare steak just won’t taste the same

- Probably not advisable to bring beef jerky to snack on; food isn’t allowed anyway

- Hold your comments about how disgusting the obesity specimens are; particularly when there are a bunch of living ones around you at the time

It is an amazing exhibit if you get the chance to check it out; and you can be funny, go ahead, walk around saying "I see dead people".


Serena said...

I've heard about that but I don't think I could see it -- not before or after breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I'm more squeamish than is probably legally good for me. I get a little scared when I see dead people, too, and start looking around frantically for McCauley Culkin.

So, wild monkey sex, huh?:-)

ADW said...

Hmmm... I'll pass, I don't want it to ruin my desire for extra crispy bacon.

Gnomeself Be True said...

Glad I could help.
Someone has to enjoy their life, if not me, then why not you?

Jenny! said...

I loved Body Worlds...and I would have eaten bacon while walking through the exhibit, but no food was allowed! I wanted to touch it...but again...not allowed!

Kurt said...

I love bacon too much to give it up for Body Worlds.

House of Suz said...

I couldn't got to that exhibit, it would make me physically ill I'm sure. Looking at things like that make my neck hurt. Yes, I realize that is an odd reaction but it's true. My neck is hurting just thinking about it.

Ed said...

sj - Seems to be the majority of bloggers are squemish to see it. Yep, wild monkey sex. Not WITH a monkey, mind you.

adw - Somehow bacon tastes more chewy after seeing that ;)

iamnot - It's the least I could do

jenny - You tried to touch the penises did't you? You are SO bad.

kurt - No pigs were harmed in the making of the body words exhibit

Suz - You probably wouldn't have liked the "3 headed camel" as I call it where they slice away the neck into three different positions. Isn't biology fun?

Logophile said...

my favorite part was the one specimen that was a little too close to the ultra-bright (ultra-HOT) lights. That is a smell I hope to never encounter again...EVER.

Monkey sex on the beach just sounds painful to me, does that make me officially old? Unless there was a hammock involved because ya know, there are some places sand just does NOT belong.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

I'd love to see it! I think it's facinating. Awesome! (smile)

Jenny! said...

I would have liked to touch ANY part of the things...but yeah, the penis would be fun!

robkroese said...

I got creeped out just watching Mr. Goodbody on Saturday mornings. Although that may have been for a different reason.

Anonymous said...
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Ed said...

logophile - Welcome. I guarantee a mushy lethargic brain after one week of reading my blog. Oh...and I'm glad I didn't smell that rotisserie display you must have run into.

sws - Welcome. Glad to hear you're not squemish! Go see the exhibit!

jenny - I thought so

Diesel - See...the fact that you watched Mr. Goodbody explains a great many things ;)

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