Monday, August 27, 2007

Yes, I do Requests

That's right...VE does requests. First of all Camille at Littlebirdblue is from my same town and had a post on a local vintage clothing store and I mentioned that I once bought polyester red pants and a vintage KISS shirt. Of course, she demanded a modeling of said vintage clothing. So...this one is for you:

Yeah baby...I'm groovin' in the red polyester!!!! Far out! The KISS shirt is pretty cool though. No, I don't wear this to work every week; it was for a theme father-daughter dance. Sheez!

Ok, next request. I was tagged by Jen over at Casualslack. One of the benefits of having no readers is that you rarely get tagged. I try to hide and avoid the "tag". I was hiding in the junk yard inside a refrigerator that wouldn't open but she still somehow managed to tag me. Ok, ok. Here you go:

Four jobs I have had or currently have in my life:

1. Blow
2. Hand
Wait, wait...I never said this was a family blog! Sheez! I was just kidding!
Ok, let's try it again
1. Sr. Middle Management for a major sports company (you logic heads figure that one out; it won't be that hard). That means I can be fired from my cinchy easy job at any time and not find a replacement at my ridiculous pay.
2. Consultant. The worst kind though. I made almost nothing and yet billed out to clients at $150-200 per hour. If only I could have made that directly; I would be staying on vacation!
3. Box Boy. Yep, counted bottles and bagged groceries. Better than McD's though.
4. Slave Labor on a Carrot Farm. I was only 13-15 years old and I felt like such an illegal immigrant but didn't even know it at the time.

Four Countries I have been to:
Since I've now been to 40 different (13 in the last year), this one is difficult. How about four that are more obscure:
1. South Africa (three different times; a beautiful place but a lot of crime in the major cities)
2. Russia - On the Eastern Siberia side. Guess what, it looks like Siberia!
3. Ecuador - It was much nicer than I expected.
4. Singapore - It's such a beautiful city; very clean. Just don't chew gum. Oh, and if your into S&M, they have a lot of caning there!

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. On vacation (ok, technically I still am and have been since mid June but I'm just hanging out locally now)
2. Italy. I love going to Italy
3. At my cabin in Central Oregon. There is no electricity and so it is very quiet, nice weather, and has a 10 mountain view
4. On vacation at my cabin in Italy. Of course, I don't have a cabin in Italy. I don't even think there are cabins there but it sounded good to combine the above three.

Four foods I like to eat:
1. Ribs. There not just for breakfast anymore...
Cajun. I need to stay awake
3. Pepsi. Is that a food? Hey...I don't drink coffee so that IS my coffee.
4. Juicing. I juice about 7 different fruits/berries and 3 different vegetables into a glass in the mornings. I've got to have something healthy to counterbalance the carmel corn and chocolate that tempt me.

Four personal heroes-past or present:
1. Jack LaLanne. He's the MAN. 93 years old, still in great shape, has 20/20 vision...and sex! Ok, I don't want to visualize that part. Here's a guy though that has eaten what you should eat for the last 80 years. He walks the talk!
2. Heinz Stucke aka "bikeman". Here's a guy that rode off from his home on his 3 speed bike back in 1962 and he's never been back. He's still doing it. He's been to over 200 different countries in the process and not for just a quick tour but going by bike you see a lot. Imagine the things he's seen, all the people and cultures he's met!
3. Kevin Carrol, the Katylst. He's inspiring. He's smart. He's innovative. He's motivated. He's entertaining. He's just a quality individual.
4. Steve Prefontaine. I liked the way he ran, his work ethic, and his courage to stand up to the amatuer athletic committee during difficult times. Still such a trajedy he died before his prime.

Four books I have read or are currently reading:
1. Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows. Just finished it, guess what happens? Right...and you thought I would spoil it!
2. Angels and Demons, Dan Brown. A good read; especially the illustrated one.
3. Miles from Nowhere, Barbara Savage. A lot of fun. About a round-the-world bicycle adventure. It's sad that after all that she was killed by a garbage truck riding in her home town.
4. Off the Map, John Harrison. A couple that travel by canoe through the upper Amazon into unexplored and uncharted places. Ok, ok, I'm a travel adventure junkie!

Four to Tag :
I hate picking because I hate leaving people out. But I'll go ahead and just randomly pick.
1. Kanrei over at Home for Wayward Lemmings - he'll have something interesting I'm sure
2. Jenny over at Blog This - I'm almost afraid to see what she'll have
3. It's Not - Again, it will be some interesting stuff
4. logophile - I randomly picked somebody new that just started reading my drivel. Poor her!

Now if I can just get them to read my blog to participate...


Kurt said...

LaLanne is an interesting guy. He said ""If man made it, don't eat it."

I like the bikeman. I prefer a nice three-speed myself over these newfangled ten speeds, and especially those knobby-tired mountain bikes. They're for the mountains, people!

Unknown said...

Revenge my friend, revenge. I will work on this and have something after lunch.


Jenny! said...! Don't be afraid...I know I can be scary...but not THAT scary!

I like the pants...they are SEXI! Next time you need to grab yourself and stick out your tongue...much more convincing that way!

Serena said...

My goodness, you do carry off the red polyester look with a certain panache.:)

Camille Alexa said...


Logophile said...

Ok, so I was cruising along enjoying myself, taking notes about some books to read and THEN I saw my name
I guess I have something to blog about tomorrow!
Sports company in Portland? Hmmm, whatever could it be...
Actually, my favorite place in Portland is Powell's. Ive been for the Rose Festival and whatnot, this and that are nice, but the one place I ALWAYS go? Powell's.
You are strangely compelling and yet frightening to me in your vintage Kiss shirt and red pants.

Nessa said...

Those red polyester pants make me break out in hives.

I'd like to hear more about all of your travels/travails.

? said...

Those pants are definitely chick magnets.

Uncivil said...

Lalanne is the most admirable man on the planet!
Great post!!

Ed said...

kurt - Yeah, I love some of his quotes. He tells it like it is. I like his quote about drinking milk. It's something like "Do I look like a succling pig??".

kan - Revenge is a dish best served cold (quote from Star Trek)

jenny - Awesome. I'll check it out

sj - It's hard for anyone without a full fro to look good in red polyester

camille - Don't laugh with me, laugh at me. Wait, I think I have that wrong.

logophile - Glad you came back to discover you'd been tagged. Yeah, Powell's is a true landmark and the gem of Portland. I'd hate to see it not there and that area is becoming so expensive these days.

goldennib - Travel followups you shall have soon! Yeah, I broke out in hives wearing the pants, that's why I couldn't respond until later this evening.

bottleblonde - Yeah baby! I've got my mojo groovin'...or not

uncivil - Hear, hear. I totally agree. I like his quote "I can't die, it would ruin my reputation"

Gnomeself Be True said... the tag.
See you in a week or so.

Flawed And Disorderly said...

Blow and Hand...heh. I always feel smart when I understand dirty jokes.