Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Book Review

This is a book review of Antisocial Commentary By “Diesel”. Since I don’t read a lot of books, the only thing I can compare with is the last book I read: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling.

First, they both try to hide their actual names under some acronym! Right! JK=Just Kidding. DIESEL = Don’t I Enjoy Selling My Book. Ok, it doesn’t quite fit but I always felt spelling and grammar are overrated.

Second, they are both quite prolific. The Potter book is 759 pages of a seven-part 4,100 page epic. Antisocial Commentary is just right behind with 159 pages in 55 unrelated parts that make up an epic. Well, it’s epic that Diesel is selling blog postings and doing a good job at it and that they are actually funny.

Harry Potter was the “Boy that lived”. Diesel was the “Boy that Blogged”.

Antisocial Commentary has a Sacred Seal. Harry Potter has a lightening scar. Coincidence? There are no coincidences!

Antisocial Commentary takes place in the mythological world of Blogdome. Harry Potter takes places in the mythological world of Wizards and Witches.

But VE, is the book any good? Where does it stand out from Harry Potter?

Hold on, hold on. Yes, his book is very funny. Laugh out loud funny in many parts. I think Diesel should worry that I find his humor style similar in some ways. Or maybe it would be fairer to say that his humor is the kind of humor I enjoy reading because it’s all quite funny.

And where does it stand out from Harry Potter?

Well for starters, even though it too was shrouded in secrecy; there were no obnoxious spoilers like “Krypton didn’t explode!” to piss you off. Ooops…sorry about that spoiler.

He’s got an 8 step program on how to be a successful blogger. I didn’t see any 8 step program on how to be a successful wizard.

He’s got pictures and maps and all sorts of accompaniments. Harry Potter does not!

He’s got some stuff you can actually relate to and not skele-grow or remeberalls. Ok, maybe that bit about Jupiter isn’t one of them, but you know what I mean. I think. I hope.

Plus, he’s got a nifty two extra blank pages in his book at the end that I’m sure he wanted to be used for us to get started on your own humor blog post creation. How thoughtful!

But seriously, it is a very funny book and the sections are short so it’s nice because you can read a couple, put out the house fire, read a few more, stop that overflowing toilet, and then read a couple more!

If you would like to purchase a copy and check it out for yourself, just click on the link to by my profile and then on the photo of the book or click the links above.


Unknown said...

So sucking up is not beneath VE I see? =P Just kidding. LOL

Ed said...

kan - If I like something, I don't mind saying it loud and clear, and often. If I didn' out!

Ed said...

And, hey, I did jab him several times about pimping his own book. Also, how fair is it really to be compared with the Harry Potter series? I thought that was funny!

Unknown said...

It was. I couldn't think of anything else sarcastic to say so I went for the "suck up" factor. Your review was definitely on par for your course. I am a big fan of describing something by comparing it to something it is not. One of my favorite lines ever written was "the giant spaceship hung motionlessly in the sky the exact same way bricks don't."

Nessa said...

Very nice and I like how you compared it to HP and the DH as I just finished re-reading HPDH and I could relate (I have a short attention span, ok?)

Kurt said...

Are you getting paid every time we click on Humor-BlogsDOTcom? Just wondering,


Uncivil said...

You mean you didn't tear your fingernail off on the hidden metal clip under the flap of the mailing envelope!
I've talked to one other blogger who got snagged on the clip, so I know i'm not the only one!
I've bled for that book already!