Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New Look, New Look

Sorry about falling off on the posts but as you can see, there is a new look for VE.

Changing your blog is sort of like remodelling your house. You think you want to just:
- Clean that window. But the crack from settling makes it get dirty really fast so you decide to
- Replace the window. But since the wall will be exposed you might as well
- Redo the electrical. Since you did need more plugs and while you're there you should
- Add central vacuum. It makes sense; the wall is open. Which leads to redoing the roof and
- Expanding the dormer. You need that extra space in the bedroom. Hot tubs are fun!

Anyway, I decided that I do like the camaraderie of those that read and comment in the same way I do with the blogs I enjoy. Those faithful need to be rewarded. I've deposited $10,000 in each of your bank accounts.

So I broke my blog links into groupings:

1. Fantastical Blogs You MUST Read. These are my hard core readers and commentors. If you are not on this list, you should be. Our annual party is in Hawaii! No, I will move them around and keep the reading faithful here.

Of course, you'll have to scroll down a bit further for the next group:

2. Fantastical Blogs You Should Read. These are those that come occasionally and comment or perhaps they comment a fair amount but don't really update their own blog that often. Any of these folks could be in the upper echelon if they want. Heck, anyone can; just leave comments.

Scrolling further on down

3. The Casual List. These are like out of town friends that drop by and comment once awhile. They may even be lurking and reading a lot more but choose not to comment.

And waay further down

4. Other Blogs VE Secretly Reads or is Evaluating. Yes, it's true. VE sometimes reads some other interesting blogs that he finds amusing. Some I don't even comment on much.

New Features, New Features

And like remodelling I thought I'd go ahead and take advantage and add some other amusing stuff.

- Yes, I've added a poll section. I'll change it weekly or daily or something. Who knows what will strike the mind of VE (or lack thereof)

- Yes, I've added a section to spotlight the funniest blog I read the week prior. I'll post a new one every Monday (or thereabouts). Bribes would be nice but will not help. There will be no sucking up allowed. There is no predicting what I find funny or amusing.

- Yes, I've added a photo section with some random photo I found amusing. I don't know that I'll update it daily; more like whenever I find another one amusing.

- Yes, I've added a "Best of VE" section. See, I knew you were wondering if all my posts were this crappy. You were probably saying to yourself, "Well, he did have one funny post...has he ever done another?" I've picked out my favorite posts. These are the ones I thought were interesting. But I tend to have a twisted sense of humor sometimes so a few you'll probably think I went off the deep end.

Something you don't like?
Something else you want to see?

Operators are standing by...


Mother Theresa said...

I like the new look, but the header picture is skewed to the right, and overlaps the border. Maybe this is intentional, but since with Blogger you never know how stuff is going to look on each browser, I figured I'd tell you (I'm using Firefox). If it's that way on purpose, then cool. Love the gnomes, they're really original.

robkroese said...

I'm going to comment every day until you bump me up.

Unless I forget.

Tammie Jean said...

I like the new look and format, and on my screen the header looks fine (through Internet Explorer). Although the gnome parade is kind of creepy!

Tammie Jean said...

Okay, now I have a complaint. After voting, the back button isn't taking me back - it just keeps showing the voting results.

Unknown said...

I dig it. It is the same old charm with an exciting new look. It sounds cliche' I know, but it looks bigger now. Or are you just happy with the new look?

Kurt said...

On my computer, the banner goes off the right side of the page. Just FYI.

But I like it otherwise.

Gnomeself Be True said...

Ambitious of you.
Do you need any upper-middle management guys where you work right now?
I'd be willing to take the "suck-up to" upper middle management jobs.
I'm jealous of your fabulous lifestyle.

Anne said...

Don't like the new look, you left me off ALL the new lists. Humpf! Is that a passive-aggressive method of telling me to take you off my list? Or did you have a blond moment?

Ed said...

theresa - Thanks for pointing that out. I'm no web developer so I'll see what I can do. It's tough to make major changes and not have something go wrong.

diesel - That's what'll do it...comments! Of course, I could forget to bump you up as well ;)

tammie jean - Hey, your back from the beach...or wherever you went. Sorry about the creep factor; I just think a bunch of gnomes is too funny! I'll look into the voting thing; it was a generic blogspot feature, not my code so I may not be able to do anything about it.

kan - Funny. Thanks, I wanted more width on the site; all their damn templates were so narrow

kurt - Thanks for the note on the banner. I assume your using Firefox too.

iamnot - Hey, your back! I'll send you a suck-up test kit to see if you are true suck-up management potential!

anne - OMG. Blond moment. I was afraid I might have left some folks off. I just haven't had time to cross check my link lists. Don't be offended, I'll get you added!

Serena said...

I like it! I think the new look is great. And I'm totally in love with the gnomes. Maybe you'd better start locking them in at night so I won't be tempted to run away with one of them.:)

I made your "Must Read" list?! Day-um! I'm very honored.

Camille Alexa said...

It's like a party at VE's house. You know, the one with the crazy twisty staircases and the thousand and twelve garden gnomes.

Jenny! said...

Hey...I got teh shaft! I read...and comment!

Ed said...

sj - Gnome stealing is not allowed! They can bite.

camille - I've got crazy lampshades for all to wear too!

jenny - Ok...I've promoted your blog. You've got to live up to the commitment. It's a heavy burden, I know.

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