Thursday, September 27, 2007


It’s time to push back. That’s right. Meme’s are so yesterday now. You shouldn’t be doing them anymore. This is the age of accusations!

Blame is the Name of the Game now

Are you one of the few nice people on the planet? Well you need to be drinking the “screw your neighbor” Koolaide. Come on; jump on the finger pointing bandwagon! Let the accusation Borg assimilate you.

It’s time to irritate people with Themthems. I know, conversions aren’t easy; remember the USA metric conversion? Here’s how to convert your standard Meme into a Themthem.

List four of your favorite decedent desserts


List the four primary people responsible for not giving you enough self esteem to say no to fatty deserts causing you to become overweight and not confident

See how easy that was to convert? For every kindly thoughtful thankless act there is an equally hurtful, thoughtless, ungrateful accusation that can be applied. Isn’t humanity wonderful?

Let’s try another.


List your top 10 favorite cities in order of most favorite first

In decending order from most damaging to least damaging, list the 10 cities you hold personally responsible toward the decline of America down to a second world country

Ok, go out there and try a few of your own conversions. As with all of your themthems, be sure to add the following to the end: Anonymously select five hapless victims and blame them into submitting their own themthems so that you don’t have to be responsible for anything.


Nessa said...

It wasn't me.

Mother Theresa said...

It was Grundir!

Ed said...

nessa - Ok, I'll give you a hall pass...this time!

theresa - Yes, this seems like a Grundir kind of thing, doesn't it? Funny that Diesel had that going on about the same time I was going to put this post out. I decided to wait for a week or so after seeing his. Can't have everyone posting on the same theme...or can you?

Kurt said...

God I hate memes. Thank you for this.

Ed said...

kurt - I'm there you man!

Camille Alexa said...

This is the age of accusations!

I love it. Please start a circulation of themthems.

Lulda Casadaga said...

I just stopped by to visit...and get my name on your post blog! :D