Thursday, October 25, 2007


No, not that popular movie! Actually, according to blogger this is my 300th post. Now my year anniversary blew by just before summer and I didn’t even bat an eye. But I thought it might be interesting to take a general look at just what VE has accomplished (or not accomplished).

I know, I could have eliminated global warming, developed a burn free toaster, or directed a Captain America move that actually made it to the theatre; but I'm just not that inspirational. So let's take a quick look at just what I have done.

And what better way to do that than with an official looking pie chart. Here, I baked one just for you:

Ok, but beyond the graphs and charts, here are some truly nonsense ridden factoids:

- In Aug 2006 I posted 40 times!
- In Dec 2006 I only posted 5 times (but I have an excuse from my mom)
- My first post was a boring snippet of me talking to me in a third person! Uggh

Had you been reading me earlier you would have learned interesting snippets like the fact that even though Jefferson is on the $2 bill, you can’t use his bill in the vending machines at his home in Monticello. They only take $1 bills with Washington on them!

Have you ever” was a fun game I invented and a different way to do a meme; try it

I had 9 posts that I don’t consider original; just pastes of things interesting. That means I’m at least original 97% of the time.

Other interesting factoids:
- I only posted five Meme (and one that sort of was but was more of a game/challenge)
- I had 25 that weren’t intended to by funny. Mostly early on when I was looking for my identity but others were around sharing a trip or an interesting way to look at time or something obscure like that (the 6 Memes are part of this)
- I had 6 games that readers could participate in
- I’ve used 660 photos/diagrams but only had 4 videos in posts
- 25 posts have been about movies or music
- I only did one caption contest. It wasn’t my cup of tea; I don’t like to judge readers

Things you heard it here first or that I came up with:
- Professional vacationer
- Ebay Gambling (6/4/06)
- The Mall-Game Date idea (2/14/07)
- The Fuck you site (3/1/07)
- Unionizing On/Off ramp beggers (3/20/07)
- Bomb on Board sign (3/28/07)
- The $20 Charity Project (4/9/07)
- Unique Dating Ideas (4/19/07)
- Life redesigned more modern times (5/14/07)
- Auto downloading music from car radio (6/5/07)
- Driving Feedbag (6/5/07)
- Auto Car Crapper (6/5/07)
- Bedroom Wall Urinal (6/14/07)
- Rotating circular room (6/14/07)
- Spiral bowling lane (6/14/07)
- Shooting school for villains (617/07)
- Full Contact Kitten Football League (8/28/07)
- Auto Commuter Salon business (8/29/07)
- Bushopoly (a new Monopoly game) (8/30/07)
- Celebrity Survivor TV Show (9/3/07)
- Health Risk (a new Risk game) (9/24/07)
- Themthems (9/27/07)
- Green House Gas sucking vacuum (9/30/07)
- Built in auto toaster oven (Oct 07)
- Smart Windows on your car to leave messages on (Oct 07)
- Walk of Shame (10/16/07)

Yes, who knows where this site goes from here. Probably nowhere; but at least it will be orginal and sometimes even funny!


Scary Monster said...

How do you manage to compile such a vast amount of statistics? Does Blogger have a program for that?

300 posts of fantastical thought must leave you in a continuous state of bizzare observation of the world around you.STOMP.

Mother Theresa said...

Eww, I hope you didn't write this one nude! That's a little more information than we need. ;)

Nessa said...

Can I have some pie, too?

Gnomeself Be True said...

83% of all statistics are make up on the spot...I'm just sayin'.

justacoolcat said...

Too much math. Pass the pie.

Ed said...

py - I compiled them myself. I'm actually scary fast at some things; I just don't admit it a lot

theresa - We all know I just make this stuff need to worry about that one

nessa - Sure, but I used the lettuce crust to save on calories...

iamnot - You hit the nail on the head; although with the exception of the pie chart; all the other are exactly accurate. I actually do know how many photos/diagrams I've used; sick, huh?

justacoolcat - Yeah but it's new math; it doesn't have to be right. Just make it up and we can go get that pie!

Kurt said...

I hope I'm around for the 301st post!

MsFreshBananaPuddin said...

Man I would have ate a bigger chunk of that chart. math is hard.


MsFreshBananaPuddin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Must be the day for statistical anniversary posts. I'm celebrating my 2-year anniversary today (and you're in it).

Congrats on the 300thhhh.

I would question the sources of your statistics but who on earth would be able to validate them?!!

Ed said...

kurt - I know, it's hard to hang in there continually thinking 'Maybe he'll be funny today..."

mspuddin - I was going to but I had a big burrito for lunch...

jeff - Congrats too. I question my sources too since it's me; and he's always lying to me anyway

Uncivil said...

Congrats on your 300.
Statistics means never having to say you're certain.
and I think Mark Twain said "There are lies, damned lies, and statistics." !

Jenny said...

I know that Mark Twain quote, but I could swear he said "pies" not "lies."

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Theresa to grab on to the nude factor.

Congrats on 300. I don't know how many posts I have and I would rather poke my own eyes out with sharp sticks than try to categorize them. So obviously you are a much more attentive and interested blogger than I am, and I salute your attention to, um, attentiveness.

Serena said...

Happy 300, VE! What flavor is that pie?:)

Ed said...

uncivil - Statistically speaking; you should never trust comments in a blog as fact...

ab - Lies, pies; they're both bad for us and yet we still indulge

frogster - Are you saying that poking your eyes out with sharp sticks isn't fun either? Now what am I going to do with these sticks?

Ed said...

sj - Some sort of berry. Probably Halle!

Shawna said...

Yah, your a total weirdo, that's why I love reading your stuff...I can only imagine what you are like in used to date Suz tho, so I know you are probably pretty awesome.

Camille Alexa said...

What I have learned today: everybody likes pie.

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