Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Advertising Comes Home

Advertising becomes part of our daily life more and more. Those companies are crafty too; you have to give them that. First of all, they started with billboards while you drive.

Then they started putting their advertising products right into school; yeah, like kids aren't easily influenced!
Then they thought that they could actually pay people to advertise for them and reduce the costs of limited billboard space along the highways. Guess what? We went for it! I don’t know about you but I’d feel so “used”; until I cashed that check and bought something else I don’t need but have to have that is.

Now, in a secret investigation, VE has learned that they are planning to take it a step further. Thanks to Billboard homes, they’ve found a way to actually get paid themselves for the billboard advertising by combining their billboard with small living spaces. A person can actually rent their home on the billboard from the company. The advantages to the renter? Nice affordable small space, decent view, and easy freeway access too! Plus, there is rumor they could get paid for traffic update duties if they so desire!

How’s that for turning an advertising expense into revenue?


Kurt said...

I want to be the first to sign up for a McDonald's Next Exit apartment.

Nessa said...

And you can avoid floods.

Gnomeself Be True said...

I tried to sell the space on my car for those advertising overlays. They said no.
It was something about "image" and old POS cars not fitting in.
Hey, if they'd advertise on me, I could afford to buy a nice car! Catch-22! Another victim of "the man."

robkroese said...

It's a sign of the apocalypse.

Serena said...

What with all the traffic, you'd probably be fairly safe from home invasion.

Jenny said...

I don't know, with the cost of living going up ... it could be great.

Ed said...

kurt - Good pick!

nessa - Another selling point!

iamnot - Ironic

diesel - Not only is it a sign; but you can now live behind it!

sj - True; and you can make some more money by getting one of those cardboard signs and heading out to the yard for awhile

ab - That's it; just adjust your expectations low enough and everything looks appealing!

Shawna said...

My career is Advertising/Marketing/PR

The first Ad Agency I worked at had a slogan:

Truth Well Told


I know people hate "the advertising" and what's happened to it (gone crazy) but folks, we all need to remember it's a supply and demand world.

Camille Alexa said...

Aww, duude. You've made me want a billboard home.

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