Friday, October 26, 2007

Deep Fried

It’s just hard to do anything weird anymore that somebody weirder hasn’t already done.

Case in point, I was curious to see what has been deep fried out there. Why? Why is something you just don’t ask VE. There really isn’t ever a good answer.

Anywho…I knew that the latest fad last year was the Deep Fried Coke. No, not that stuff Whitney Houston was doing with Bobby, the one with that snappy little jingle “I’d like to teach the world to sing and then sell them all a Coke…” (or some such words). You know; the soft drink with the red cans. With the cute Polar bear commercials. That one.

Haven’t seen the deep fried coke? Well, let’s hope you have a strong stomach:

That just makes your mouth water for more doesn’t it?

Ok, what other bizarre stuff could one deep fry? Hey, how about a Twinkie? That’s like putting one poison over another poison. Sure enough, deep fried Twinkie:

What about Marshmallows?

Damn, ok, that looks very unappetizing. But people are about…cockroaches?

Errr…apparently they are a delicacy in Cambodia. That’s probably why I opted not to go to Cambodia when I was in Asia. I know, what about good old American Mac & Cheese?

Well, I guess not only do they have it but they have a business making it.
Oh, and speaking of delicacies, I found these out there:

Yes, deep fried eyeballs are only for those idiots that eat Rocky Mountain Oysters among other disgusting cuisine.

In fact, the only weird thing I could think of that hadn’t been deep fried was Jello!


Shawna said...

As you know, I'm in Texas, the State Fair just ended, I did not go this year, because I feel every 4 years or so is enough, cuz it's lame and expensive. BUT, the point is that I believe we are the KINGS of fried foods:

Fried Oreo's - the cookie part gets too mushy, not so good

Fried Cheesecake - oh so yummy, especially w/a raspberry filling


Fried Twinkie - eh, it's ok, but is 3rd in like to said Snickers and Cheesecake

Since I did not go this year, have no idea what the "new" fried treat was...I know, so disgusting...

Kurt said...

I made it! 301!

Gnomeself Be True said...

Fried Twinkie = Donut

I fried my brain years ago. Now I won't eat fried foods because it feels like canibalism.

Nessa said...

I had to look up fried Coke. Amazing.

Jenny said...

Oh, I so want those deep friend Mac n' Cheese. NOW.

Uncivil said...

How about fried sardines?

justacoolcat said...

Come to Mn. We deep fry it all. Don't ask about what "it" is and we promise it'll taste good.

Camille Alexa said...

Fried is the lost food group.

? said...

You think I should deep fry my vagina to get more action?

Scary Monster said...

A week without the fantastical nonsense has left me in need of some deep fried comedy. Oh, and me gonna need a side order of the mac and cheese as well.


Lilli & Nevada said...

Hello Neighbor,
Rocky mountain oysters look really disgusting. Great blog

Serena said...

Fried Coke? Ugh. The very word "deep fried" makes me think I need to go back to bed. Ugh.

Unknown said...

After Deep Fried Ice Cream nothing shocks me any more.