Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Name Calling

In honor of Sting's birthday yesterday, I thought today's game would be a mix and match. Sting's real name is Gordon Sumner. Wise choice changing it!

Isn't it interesting how people change their names for effect or show? Arnold Schwarzenegger was told he'd never make it in Hollwood with a name that long. Guess they were wrong! John Melloncamp started as John Cougar, then went to John Cougar Melloncamp and finally back to his real name. Now you have to call him John "do not call me Cougar" Melloncamp by the way.

Oh, and in a real case of name switcheroo, Prince's real first name is just that: Prince! Go figure. In honor of that, I am now referred to as the symbol on the left and not VE. Of course, you may call me the 'blogger formerly known as VE' if that makes you feel uncomfortable.

In the meantime, all you have to do today is figure out who's real name is who's celebrity name. All of these were wise choices to change too!


? said...

My real name is Fanny Finkelstein. You think I made a wise choice by changing it to BottleBlonde?

P.S. I wanna play the game but can't 'cause I've got some work (pole dancin') to do. I'll be back.

Ed said...

Pole dancing is definitely a higher priority than my blog. I like to bring a portable pole with me everywhere just in case I get in the mood...

Scary Monster said...

Boris be a Pratt.
The guy who lost to the pinball wizard be RKD.
Elvis ain't left the building, he be with Mr. Mc Manus. Marion took a Stagecoach back to Ireland. M.J.M is a dirty rotten scoundrel who won't work for MGM.


Unknown said...

I am stumped with this one. My real name is lost to the ages.

Nessa said...

First off, Sting's birthday is the same day as mine, October 2nd.

And I heard his real name is Bubbles McGurk.

robkroese said...

Ok, I know John Wayne was Marion. And I think Kirk Douglas was Russian, so I'm going with Issur Demsky for him.

Elton John seems like the kind of guy whose parents would have given him the name Maurice Micklewhite, so that's my guess for him.

I know Michael Caine got his name from a sign for the Caine Mutiny, but no idea on his real name. I'm guessing Declan.

And let's go with Reginald Dwight for Boris Karloff and W.H. Pratt for Elvis Costello.

Uncivil said...

I used to have a dog named "Nunya".

Go ahead and ask me Nunya who?

robkroese said...

Damn. I googled it, and I got the 2 I knew right, but everything else wrong. :(

Kurt said...

Elvis Costello is Declan McManus.
Boris Karloff is WH Pratt.
John Wayne is Marion Morrison

I'm going to make an educated guess that Kirk Douglas is Issur Demsky, as I recall that he is of Russian descent. That leaves the two Brits, and I would only be guessing at this point. I'll say Michael Caine is Maurice Micklewhite, and Elton John is the other one.

Kurt said...

Here's one for you. Whose title is Lady Haden-Guest?

Ed said...

sm - Very good! Did you Google? ;)

kan - We'll call you Kanrei then

nessa - He must have an alias birthday too! Cool

diesel - Pathetic attempt without should have known better than to try and solve it old school (with your brain). Bonus points for redeeming yourself though

uncivil - I'm afraid too...but go ahead...who's nunya (let me guess...nunya my business, right?)

kurt - Very good; and you even made it sound convincing as if you'd been reading paparazzi mags all your life! got me stumped on the Lady Hayden-Guest. I'm never a guest as nobody invites me over (I'm scary you know). But is it Christopher Guest's mom?

Anonymous said...

I'm horrible with these things. I have enough trouble remembering the names people WANT me to call them, but add another into the mix and I'm hopeless.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Damn, I'm too late to the party to sound credible anymore - but I got 4 of the 6 right. Anyway, I'll take my 66% on this contest as opposed to your last one which looked too hard so I didn't even try it.

Ed said...

jayne - Welcome. This is home of hopeless and helpless. I lead the way (which is to say I'm lost too)

jeff - I cannot believe you were inimidated by 85 or so jailed celebrities in the last game. You had a 1 in 85 chance!

Kurt said...

Lady Haden-Guest is Christopher Guest's wife, Jamie Lee Curtis, as he is Lord Haden-Guest.