Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The pivoting bubble car

This just in…

Japan's auto giant Nissan unveils the new robotic vehicle "Pivo 2," equipped with in-wheel electric motors to drive all wheels independently and to pivot its cabin, at the company's headquarters in Tokyo.(AFP/Yoshikazu Tsuno)

Of course I pioneered exploring this area of auto travel with my earlier post New Wheels Part 2 from April.

But further investigations by my team have revealed

Yes, their alien mascot “Sinson” will be standard equipment on all vehicles. The name was derived from simply scrambling the letters in “Nisson” by a committee inside the company. They were in a design meeting trying to come up with a name and their sushi lunch arrived so they said “Fruck it”, scrambled the letters for the name and enjoyed their lunch.

You’ll also note that the driver sits alone in the front. It was felt that while they did add the alien to keep them company, a bigger benefit of the seating arrangement is in the “male control and domination” relationships out there; which seem to be a large market segment.

Can you believe in these times that there are still all these married men reigning control over their submissive spouses? This car is perfect for them; the spouse is always in the back.”

Nisson denied rumors of a small backlash of criticism about everyone else in the car being a “backseat driver”
And speaking of criticism, their new pivoting cabin is a source of continued controversy. There have been spies wearing Nasa diaper technology that have been camped out for weeks watching their secret test track in rural China to spill the beans on anything amuck.

It seems there have been several isolated instances of ‘random spinning’ in the cabin. Fortunately they have a large rear view mirror so the professional driver was able to drive the car backwards. This could be problematic during a commuter’s drive in on the freeway though.

There are also concerns over teenagers hacking into the pivoting technology and going for what one technician describes as a “spin ride”. This is when you open the pivoting to free spin whatever way it wants to go and you drive really fast. Similar to those spinning amusement park rides that everyone throws up on when they spin too fast.

And finally there has been concern from the window replacement industry. “This giant bubble window is just too large and expensive to be able to replace in your work parking lot”
Rest assured we haven't heard the end of news on this bubble car.


Theresa said...

I assume this car comes with a standard issue bubble tea holder. And what about a bubble gum tray to store your chewing gum until after work?

Theresa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
VE said...

theresa - Bubble Tea Holder? Well that would have to be standard now wouldn't it? Sort of a mini me item. I'm not sure if I need the bubble gum tray; I usually just stick it under the seat...oh wait, that's when I'm in rental cars...

comment delete - I miss you already and I don't even know you. Or wait...I'm so offended and I'm not even sure why...or wait...

Jeff said...

My wife is already a back seat driver. I have a feeling it would only make it worse to actually put her in the back seat.

Carla said...

What a great always feel like you're in an amusement park. What fun!

Anonymous Boxer said...

As long as it can be customized to fit my microwave and blender, I'm good with this.

VE said...

jeff - We'll need to install that "cone of silence" feature that was suggested in my last post on options

carla - Could be expensive though. I'm always broke after going to those places

ab - Who needs a microwave. You're sitting in a giant bubble; everything will fry when the sun beats down on that!

justacoolcat said...

I really hate driving.

"Can you believe in these times that there are still all these married men reigning control over their submissive spouses? This car is perfect for them; the spouse is always in the back.”"

That would be me in back. I guess I'll pretend The Wifey is my chauffeur.

Kurt said...

It's cute.

VE said...

justacoolcat - But it would be fun to spin around backward and scare that idiot tailgator behind you

kurt - Is that your primary criterea in a car?

Tammie Jean said...

Awwwww.... I think it's cute too! And that is my primary criteria :)

VE said...

tammie jean - Ok, as long as cute is your primary criterea. I don't think it'll be that cute when it suddenly spins around backwards on the freeway though...just saying.

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