Sunday, October 14, 2007

Quick Observation

Ok...picking on James Blunt music again...but after listening to his recent "hit" 1973 I got to old can this guy be? I was just a kid in 1973 and I'm old; my kids tell me so with great joy! Surely he couldn't have been alive in 1973, could he?

The lyrics go:

And though time goes by
I will always be
In a club with you
In 1973
Singing, "Here we go again"

The problem I have with the song is that he sing it with this real introspective feeling behind it as if it comes from an actual personal event.

A little hard to do when you were born on February 22, 1974!

I feel like I've been bamboozled here....


Camille Alexa said...

Bamboozled....and OLD.

Nessa said...

I don't get this guy.

? said...

I feel like I've been bamboozled here....

You and me both. I'd rather eat Rosie O'Donell's box than listen to James Blunt. See how horrific his music is to my ears?

Mother Theresa said...

Maybe he was in a club inside his Mum in 1973, and had so much fun that he just wants to go back. Besides "be" only rhymes with "three". I guess he could have made it 1993, that's more in keeping with his age.

Anne said...

maybe 1973 has a nice lyrical flow to it, 1987, not so much.

Ed said...

camille - Yep, I'll sign us all up for AARP...

nessa - Who ever said music made sense though

bottleblonde - You are definite way over on the non-James Blunt side of the in hanging on the very end of that scale!

theresa - Old wombs die hard!

anne -

Oh, I see
Easy to rhym with thee
well, for me


There once was a man named Blunt
Who wrote easy listening songs that he shunt
But his lyrics were such a farce
It made him look like an arse
While our ears endure this painful brunt

ADW said...

Can not stand James Blunt's music. I am with Blondie here.

Unknown said...

James who? Hit? What? Am I really that out of it?

Anonymous said...

This is excellent !!

Jenny said...

He's a Poser. Boo.

Kurt said...

I very much enjoyed those 10 Blunt-free years.