Monday, October 01, 2007

VE's Celebrity Match Game

One time "Baywatch" beauty Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon, a former boyfriend of Paris Hilton, applied for and were granted a marriage license in Las Vegas on Saturday

Wow, isn’t this great? Do you think they exchanged sex videos during the ceremony?

Elvis Impersonator and Marriage Licensor: “Do you, Pamela Anderson, promise to love Rick in front of the three angled cameras, for better, for worse, in sickness, in health, on DVD on Bluetooth until death do us part?”

Pamela “I do” but then thinking after that “until I don’t that is…”

And this whole fun festive event has got me thinking again (I know…that’s trouble). Why not play VE’s Match Game. It’s like the old Match Game TV game show except the players are still alive and I don’t have props and really, it’s just a different game and format. I’m not sure where I was going with this…

(flipping on the game photo to get one you can actually see...)
Go ahead, leave your best guesses in the comments section. Bonus points if you explain the common theme. I’ll publish the answers in the comments in a couple of days.



Camille Alexa said...

This seems more a Kanrei or a Serena Joy than a Littlebird game. I'll bow out of this one on the grounds of my inferior fluff celeb knowledge.

Uncivil said...

Oh man, I gotta try

Phil Spector & Robert Blake got off murder charges for allegedly murdering their wives.

Mel & Hitler seem to hate jews?

George Michael and Larry Craig get their freak on in public restrooms!

Hillary Swank & Dustin Hoffman are both 2 time Academy Award winners and both have played cross gender rolls?

Al Capone and Wesley Snipes had a run in with the IRS!

Kiefer Sutherland & Lindsay Lohan have both been busted recently for DUI!

That leaves Winona Ryder and Farrah Fawcett doing something?

I know Winona is into shoplifting, but what's Farrah into? Facelifting?

Oh well....that's the best I could do?

Farrah has been known to get a little incoherent, so she might prefer a ménage à trois with Kiefer & Lindsay, while leaving Winona at the clothing stores?

Kurt said...

What Uncivil said.

Scary Monster said...

Me thinks thet they all be well matched enough to move out to the nevada desert and start their own ashram or cannibal cult. This is because Uncuvil bet the rest of us to the punch.


Serena said...

Me, too, what Uncivil said. Seems like the perfect match-ups.

Ed said...

camille - You've GOT to keep up on this stuff; there will be a test in hell...err heaven I mean...

uncivil - Criminy man! You've are a zen at trivial nonesense! Way to give the answers to everyone ;) Since everyone is just quoting you I'll go ahead and inform you right now that you got it; Farrah was busted for shoplifting too. I'm also going to have to warn would-be participants not to look at the comments section if they want to play first.

kurt - Copycat!

sm - Good idea; Nevado could use more kooks

sj - Copycat!

Camille Alexa said...

Since I don't believe in either, I feel pretty safe.

Camille Alexa said...

I fact, hell is having to hear one more freaking thing about whats'er-name. [pick one]

ADW said...

Damn, uncivil did very well. Although I would like to know what the Wino and Fawcett have in common.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Ok, since uncivil spilled the beans so early, I'll just make up some different answers.

Winona and Farrah - A current relationship that I hope comes out.

George Michael and Larry Craig - A current relationship that I hope DOESN'T come out.

Hillary and Linday - A Swank and a skank.

Al Capone and Adolph Hitler - Two bad dudes who don't photograph well in color.

Kiefer and Wesley - Two bad dudes too cool for their own good.

Mel Gibson and Dustin Hoffman - A reign man and a rain man. (sorry, that was a stretch)

Phil Spector and Robert Blake - Single guys.

Unknown said...

Oh fun!

1E Phil and Robert are killers
2G Mel and Adolf love Semites
3 Hil and the Dust crossdress
4F Mike and Larry lvove the bathroom
5C Al and Wesley both don't like taxes
6D Jack Bauer and Herbie love to drink and drive
7B Winny and Farrah are both objects of my childhood dreams

How did I do and how did you know about 7B?

Unknown said...

Jeff has best answers

Ed said...

camille - Yes, hell is pretty busy with all the celebs lately (I subscribe to their zine...but I have to confess; their humor is very dark)

adw - I spilled the beans to uncivil after he got them all correct. Farrah was a convicted shoplifter too.

jeff - Nice alternative list!!! Very creative and funny.

kan - I just KNEW you drooled over not Michael and Larry but Farrah in Winny. By the way, they are both shoplifters...

Logophile said...

I know the exchanging of sex tapes at our wedding was really moving.

Ed said...

logophile - I'm glad yours was a beeter experience. Alas, mine wasn't; I had BETA and she had VHS