Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Walk of Shame

Hooray for Hollywood, Hooray for Hollywood. Go ahead...sing along with me.

And what better thing for dumb tourists to do than to visit the Walk of Fame among the streets of that famous city.

Well, those clever gang members and thugs down in South Central LA where tourists are warned never to set foot on have come up with their own ingenious spin on things.

See, normally they would just cruise up to Hollywood and rob all those dumb tourists but, you know, with gas prices rising and such, even they've had to budget and restrategize. So rather than they seeking them out, why not have the tourist come straight to them?

So they've come up with the Walk of Shame as an underground city movement to spark tourist interest in their neighborhood and then subsequently rob them.

You'll note that they already floated this idea which brought in dumb entrepenuerial venture capitalists to the neighborhood which allowed them to rob these guys first and that fueled their first twelve "stars". Let's take the walk:

Who do you think should be the next batch?


justacoolcat said...

I feel robbed from just reading about it.

Shouldn't you be punching me now?

Anonymous said...

Can Bush and Cheney share a star? I mean, since they share a brain and all.

Nessa said...

George Michael gets two stars?

Scary Monster said...

AWWW, Nessa beat me to the punch-line.

What the hell be Bush doin in Hollywood?

He be America's shame not Tinseltown's.


Nessa said...


Robert Downey Jr.

Phil Spector

OJ Simpson

Jessica Simpson

Flavor Flav

Nessa said...

Sorry, Scary.

Where's your list?

Nessa said...

Oh, I forgot Boy George. He goes with George Michael.

Kurt said...


Nessa said...

Hey, Kurt = (

Unless of course you think I'm famous.

Ed said...

justacoolcat - Only if I need another big gold chain

ctws - They can share more than that! ;)

nessa - Yeah, yeah. Blogger was having some weird problem where I could only load pictures one at a time and apparently I didn't keep track. I like the next choices though

sm - We can shame him wherever we can

kurt - That'll be 50 cents please for hosting your Nessa call ;)

ADW said...

Paris Hilton

Why is that beyotch not on there?

Jenny said...

Larry Craig?

Anonymous said...


Thanks for visiting “up the workers”.

In relation to gangs, muggings & fuel costs I notice in your picture that there is one of those large SUV’s I thing you call them. Over in “Blighty” we refer to them as “off road” vehicles. Looking at the size of the thing I am not surprised these poor gang members cant afford to drive them.

Can I suggest to any gang members reading this that in the interest of saving the planet why don’t you have a series of bicycle pedals fitted discretely to your “Big motherfo Truck” then you can all pile in & pedal to your potential victim. & as you are in Hollywood the home of the movie you could use special effects to make it sound like a real SUV. What I mean is get one of these “Human beat box” rapper dudes to sit in the vehicle wit ya & make engine noises.

I see several advantages to my plan, firstly

Saves money. Not a bad ting.

No fuel, no engine emissions, word.

Improves the environment for future muggings.

Keeps you all fit & healthy.

Being fit helps you run away from the law, motherf***er.

Having no engine allows you to silently approach your victim from behind. Boom Shacka!

I am now imagining all you criminal types like a cross between the “Ant Hill Mob” & one of them cars out of “Bugsy Malone” word up!


Ed said...

adw - I know; how was she missed?

ab - Good one...

granny - Welcome! Oooh, a pedal SUV with rapper attachment. I want one!

Unknown said...

Is one George Michael star for his Wham crimes and the other for his solo career?

And GWB is not a shame; who expected anything more from him? Funny post though =D

Unknown said...

My list....hmmm....
To be a real shame, for me, they must have talent that they waste, or just sell out.

LiLo- she can actually act rather well when she tries.

Metallica- Napster and every album since 1989

Brad Pitt-Oceans X anyone?

Robert DeNiro-The man is not a Focker damnit!

Cuba Gooding, Jr- What the hell is "Daddy Day Camp"?

The US Voters- Nuff said

Anonymous said...

You misspelled Michael Vick's name.

As for future lists, two words: Pauly Shore.

Great work my friend, as always.

Ed said...

grammar police - Doh! Busted. I'm going to spelling rehab as we speak. Hopefully I don't have to do any jail time...