Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Bush Administration on the state of the US Forests

That’s right, the administration recently sent out this positive view of the state of the forests showing Bush frolicking through very healthy trees. They went on to claim that everything is looking healthy and forest management was working.

Of course, VE investigators have uncovered that in reality that is really the Sam’s Christmas Tree farm in Estacada, OR and that Bush’s photo was superimposed and shrunken to make it LOOK like he was frolicking in a healthy forest and not groomed 5 foot trees.

The forest in question that was left for the Bush administration to manage looks like this:

Meanwhile, in Texas, there has been a surge in new deck building around the President’s old neighborhood…

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Ed said...

VE - Well, nobody commented on this one. Just like the old days, right VE? Yep...just me talking to myself again. Oh, and pass the popcorn, will ya?