Thursday, November 08, 2007

Camping World

With the weather still nice but fading quickly, I thought I should get in one more camping trip. And where better to go camping than the place that was made just for that very thing:

Yes, thank God for Camping World. A whole franchise dedicated to my camping needs. They have a lovely building that is open by day and then locked and chained at night. I was lucky and found a great place to put the tent right away.

My camping buddy showed up quite a bit later and wasn’t so lucky though. He had to take a more crowded spot among the RVers. We invited him over a fair amount to enjoy our better location and view.

I really like the convenience of only having to drive 3 miles from the house in order to go camping. We had a great view of the freeway and the blacktop not only provided us with a great level surface but prevented the spread of fire from our campfire. It was also handy for the kids to skateboard as a camping activity.

I’ll admit, during the weekdays, it felt like a lot of people around the campground were watching us. It might have just been my imagination though.

And despite the feeling of being stared at and the constant noise and commotion, it felt good to take the week off camping there. Besides, I earned another boy scout badge in the process. I’m definitely on track to make eagle scout by the year 2014.


Unknown said...

Ya know, the worst part of camping is the being outdoors, so this makes sense. What good is camping without a power outlet, roof, and temp control anyway?

Anne said...

I'm not sure you can earn that badge without latrine duty.

Uncivil said...

Camping is so "third world"? Yea, I like the parking lot camp site. Put me near an electrical outlet please!

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Badges?!!! We don't need no stinking badges!

Serena said...

If you can't camp in a Marriott, that would seem to me the way to do it. One would want to know in advance if the toilets inside are clean and if they have a nice selection of take-out menus.

Kurt said...

You know you can camp in any WalMart parking lot for free. Also, if you are a member of The Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, you can usually camp in the lodge parking lot.

Scary Monster said...

Iffin ya gonna camp ya gotta hide inside the buildind and wait fer everyone to go home. Then ya can use the stores fancy display and cook fake weiners over a plastic fire.


Scary Monster said...

Post Stomp: Jeff's comment had me crackin up!

Schmoop said...

Funny stuff. Have a good weekend and Cheers!!

Ed said...

kanrei - I know, we need that nature temperature control; that would be handy

anne - Latrines? Isn't that what that grate by the street that goes down under the road is for?

uncivil - We'll wire you right to the sub-station next door!

jeff - Can I at least get a pledge pin then?

sj - Now that's roughing it!

kurt - I get the feeling you have real "in the field" experience here

sm - Now that would be fun!

matt-man - Welcome and thanks.