Monday, November 26, 2007

The Carey Penomenon

This just in….

In a weird space-time warp usually reserved for Sci Fi channel space operas; VE has discovered the Carey phenomenon. It would appear that multiple time dimensions have intersected and there are two Drew Carey’s existing at the same time but under different names.

Yes, the young Drew Carey goes under the name of Jonathan Lipnicki and is best known starring in the role of the boy in the Stuart Little movies.

The other Drew Carey is the one we all know as the late 40 something actor that now hosts The Price is Right.

Please warn everyone that it is imperative that these two never shake hands or meet face to face. It isn’t clear on what would happen but fear of either simultaneous parallel universe implosion or unchecked reality TV show generation could occur. Neither of these options are considered good for mankind.


Kurt said...

I recommend against trying to shake Mr. Carey's hand.

Mother Theresa said...

Okay, the fate of the world lies with you. You have now been appointed the official Drew Carey space-time warp controller.

Anonymous said...

Just like why we shouldn't ever allow human cloning. If two Chuck Norrises met and both roundhouse kicked one another at the same time, the world would vanish into nonexistence.

Ed said...

kurt - And you should know!

theresa - I will do my best

frogster - Damn, you're right, and I was just thinking cloning would be good because I could send my clone to the family holiday events and I could spend the time on a tropical beach with a fruity rum drink.

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