Friday, November 30, 2007

Random Musings

Ok, short one today; very few people are on the blog waves right now so I guess it won’t really matter; I’m averaging about a fourth of my usual traffic lately. Probably something I said…

Anyway, here's a potporri of silly thoughts and stupid opinions:
Now that the Spice Girls are having a mini comeback and they are getting a bit older, should we be calling them the Old Spice Girls?
When Led Zeppelin finally get to the Pearly Gates, are they going to be told to use the stairway?
I recently pulled all the promotional “look at me” or “look at this” type crap off my blog site. That included my post of the day award; oh well, who really cares that I got one 47 days ago anyway. It’s not about what you have done…it’s about what you are doing.
I also stopped pimping It was a tough decision on that one. On the one hand, I like being listed and don’t mind being critiqued and prioritized by my humor blogger peers if it were based on my blog content. But it isn’t. It’s a bit too much of an “I got here first” and “what have you done for me lately” mentality.

The only real way you ascend up in the ranks is by convincing other people to go to that web site from your blog. You get rewarded by ascending the ranks; sort of a popularity contest. But you can get ascended higher in priority if you get a good review.

The good news is that I am now 48 out of 162 in the queue to be reviewed.
The bad news is that based on average throughput of reviews, my review will be sometime around March 8, 2009! That’s not so bad though; if you were to get in the queue right now, your review date would be December 2012! No, really, I’m not kidding. They are averaging a review every 10 days. The reviews are good...they're just too slow for the group size.

Meanwhile, I’ve dropped from a high of 17th position to 300th on the list. Frankly, there are waaay too many on the list; it’s up to over 340 now. I actually went out to 280 of them about a month ago. I found about 40 or so I thought were funny. I linked them on my blog. Even there though, a number just don’t post enough for me to support them as a link and I’ll probably clean that up. I find it odd to be outranked by blog sites that are no longer exist, have been on sabattical for months or just stopped posting!

My nirvana would be a sort of humor blog club I could essentially hang out in when I wasn’t writing wacko posts on my own site. I could perhaps contribute to reviewing my fellow sites, I could participate in a humor blog discussion area with my fellow wackos, I could submit a post in a “best humor post” contest, etc.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t exist. I’m probably not web savvy enough to build it either. Also, I wouldn’t want to step on the work that Diesel did in building the humor-blog web site in the first place. Nobody can take away credit from him for bringing everyone together in the first place. He only started it as a small list that suddenly went out of control. One of those build it and they will come sort of deals.


Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Don't feel bad about the blog traffic decline, it's epidemic this time of year.

I stopped submitting my blog for reviews years ago because the reviewing sites kept focusing on the wrong things, such as the excitement of my template (which is NOT) so I gave up on the hope that anyone would actually review my writing.

I like your blog because it's quirky and different and you have the same twisted sense of humor I do.

Serena said...

Yeah, I'm with Jeff. I don't care about rank and linkage. I come to your place because I like it.

Love the "silly thoughts" today.:)

justacoolcat said...

"I’m averaging about a fourth of my usual traffic lately"

As Jeff said, totally seasonal. I'm down a bit too. *shrugs*

As for Humor Blogs it's a great site and concept, but as you know I stopped pimping too.I may pimp again in the future. It's weird when just because a blog has been rated they can stay ahead in the rankings and not even post or follow the rules, but my main gripe would be they don't push community enough and that's sort of false advertising.I just wish for once the conversation could be about the ho's and not the pimps. Ha!
P.S. My wife thinks your blog is the funniest blog she's read from Humor blogs.

Ed said...

jeff - Thanks; that's the same reason I read yours daily. Yeah...that template review sure is an important one, huh? Oh brother.

sj - Thanks. I don't really care much either hence the removal of it but I had hoped the humor site would be a community gathering place and it is not. Your blog is more of a community gathering than any I've gone too. You have good interaction with those that read it and vice versa.

justacoolcat - Thanks. Yeah, I figured the traffic would be down over the holidays; just didn't know it was this low. I didn't notice it last Dec because I was in South America for most of it. As to the humor's to the little people! I actually started looking at the list from the bottom up; convinced that there had to be some funny ones way down low. And there were. Then again, there are blogs that could care less about this site; Kurt at OPE is one of them and he's got great funny stuff on his.

Anonymous said...

Now I get your comment today on my blog.

That sucks my friend. Big hairy rat ones. I think you are awesome, you never fail to make me giggle or outright gaffaw and wake that little turd artist.

I would join you in a wacko fest, don't think my blog is a humor blog, more a mad womans blog :) but I would definitely pass for a wacko....

SHIT, I hate blogger right now. Is there anyway to link to my blog without typing it in the freaking comment!!! grrrrrr

Schmoop said...

Humor Blogs, I think, in a word, sucks. In fact I may go and take their little widget thing off of my site. Old Spice Girls, ha. Cheers!!

Ed said...

kelley - It's no big deal; I was just making fun of how small my blog presence is. Oh, and I did link you now

matt-man - Well not if you're in the little club of 10-15 blogs always highlighted and featured it doesn't

Uncivil said...

I could care less about blog traffic! It's the highway traffic that irks the hell outta me!