Friday, November 02, 2007

Selling Out

Finally! Aren’t you glad it’s a TGIF Friday? Today’s game, like life itself, is simple. Just tell me how many hidden products I’ve mentioned in this post.

Yes, thanks to Bush’s economy, it dawned on me that my payday just isn’t what it used to be. It’s time to take some extra measures to make a smart start in realizing my earning potential through paid solicitations! Yes, ads always provide good & plenty amount of opportunites to help balance our cash flow to the positive. I’m tired of having lean pockets when there are mounds of cash to be made simply by selling out! I know, I’ve changed my tone from that carefree people person with lots of huggies to share. But lately I’ve taken bold and hefty steps toward my zest for 100 grand. The total scope of cash available to aim for is actually quite a bounty to be had by all of us. With all the cash coming in now I have a jolly time and can simply sleep at night knowing the tide has turned and I am earning full throttle without even trying. No more crying SOS, for I now cheer and shout with great joy as I wisk away to deposit my dividend checks. Those checks are life savers for now I can buy that diamond for my girlfriend. We can bounce around to the nightlife and feel nice and easy about our banquet costs without having to start a tab to cover them. Sure, it’s a band aid to our spending habits that make us feel imperial and like we’re at the Ritz, but why coast through life when you can enjoy all the comforts under the sun! It fosters a feeling of being a rock star with Ohs and Ahs that propel you into orbit like a comet where you can glide around and visit Venus and Mars until your leggs touch back down among the tree top and enjoy the next day of whoppers and zingers that life brings your way.


Uncivil said...

You sure do ask a lot for your readers on a Friday!

Ed said...

uncivil - Actually, I don't normally post on the weekends at all so you have until about mid day Monday. Besides, I never said you had to find them ALL!

Serena said...

I count 30, but I'll bet I missed a few.:-)

Kurt said...

At least 43.

Ed said...

uncivil - I ask a LOT from my readers...usually cash!

ve - Hey, I'm talking to myself!

sj - Good effort, but you're only half way there girl!

kurt - Very impressive! Way to hedge too by saying "at least" as if you know that I know that there are more but don't want to admit you cannot find them.

Ed said...

Ok, let's look at the answers in order as they appear:

1. glad (plastic bags)
2. TGIF Friday (restaurant)
3. Today (TV Show)
4. life (board game)
5. post (cereal company)
6. Bush's (canned baked beans)
7. dawn (diswashing liquid)
8. payday (candy bar)
9. time (magazine)
10. extra (chewing gum)
11. smart start (healthy food)
12. good & plenty (candy)
13. balance (nutritional bar)
14. cash flow (board game)
15. lean pockets (frozen food)
16. mounds (candy bar)
17. made simply (food line)
18. tone (soap)
19. carefree (chewing gum)
20. people (magazine)
21. huggies (diapers)
22. bold (laundry detergent)
23. hefty (trash bags)
24. zest (soap)
25. 100 grand (candy bar)
26. total (cereal)
27. scope (mouthwash)
28. aim (toothpaste)
29. bounty (paper towels)
30. all (laundry detergent)
31. us (magazine)
32. jolly time (popcorn)
33. simply sleep (drugs)
34. tide (laundry detergent)
35. full throttle (energy drink)
36. SOS (cleaning scrubbers)
37. cheer (laundry detergent)
38. shout (laundry detergent)
39. joy (dishwashing liquid)
40. wisk (detergent)
41. lifesavers (candy)
42. diamond (line of nuts)
43. bounce (dryer stuff)
44. nice and easy (woman's product)
45. banquet (frozen foods)
46. tab (soft drink)
47. band aid (first aid bandage)
48. imperial (butter)
49. Ritz (cracker)
50. coast (soap)
51. comforts (I forget)
52. sun (a line of chips, etc)
53. fosters (beer)
54. rock star (energy drink)
55. Ohs (candy bar)
56. propel (energy drink)
57. orbit (gum)
58. comet (cleaner)
59. glide (dental floss)
60. Venus (shaving razor)
61. Mars (candy bar)
62. Leggs (pantyhose)
63. tree top (juices)
64. whoppers (candy)
65. zingers (candy)

Scary Monster said...

Damn, all the candy bar references had me drooling. Good thing ya put some tooth past in there fer me to brush with. and something to gargle with afterwards. Once me stops drooling me will do the wash and see iffin me cain't get some friends together fer a football game. Me be a quaterback, ya know.