Monday, December 10, 2007

Affordable Living

It’s getting tough to be able to afford any place to live these days. Pricing houses have gone through the roof and then with the loan troubles they’ve tightened up the ability to get a loan so virtually everyone starting out has to rent now. With so many people having to rent, the rental market has gone way up.

What to do?

Well, you can rent some crappy small apartment for something like $600 to $2000 per month depending on where you live…

Or you can get creative if you don’t need a lot of space and aren’t too particular.

Option 1: Mini Storage

Yes, for a mere $140 a month you can get a very handy mini-storage location right by work! Think of the savings. You also won’t have to be troubled by bothersome or noisy neighbors and you’ll have automatic security.

Option 2: PODS

Yes, for a mere $200 a month you can have your very own POD and throw it in whatever neighborhood you wish! Yes, I like to put my pod in the classiest neighborhood I can find (at least until they kick me out). Think of the mobility options…tired of where you live? Move your pod! Neighbors threatening to arrest you? Move your pod! Want some beach time? Move your pod! Awesome!

Option 3: Virtual Home

There are enough coffee houses now in the downtown areas of Seattle or Portland that I believe you can safely rotate between them for the waking hours and then sneak off to the funeral home and try out a casket for the evening. I really don’t think they check all the caskets for bodies at the end of the day. It’s very dark and quite peaceful. Yes, between the sports bars, the coffee shops, the brew pubs, you won’t really have to even have a home. Think of the money you can save!


Kurt said...

$140 a month for a mini storage unit! That's a ripoff.

Jen said...

$140 a month rent..?

I'm tempted to move into
Mini Storage..

Who needs a bathroom anyway!!

Serena said...

The mini storage places don't look so bad. Sure beats the coffin. It's uncanny how much that house looks like one in my neighborhood that has a Pod parked in the driveway.:)

Ed said...

kurt - Yeah...and so is $3.20 for a gallon of gas...

jen - You can just call and get a porta one set outside there; tell 'em there's construction going on

sj - Is that the house across the street with the 4.5 billion lights?

Scary Monster said...

They all be lookin like the Monsters future abode, but fet the while Me gonna stay at me parents house. They gots a bathroom that goes flush!


Ed said...

SM - Wow, glad you dropped by to say something! It's like an old friend stopping by. Hope things are going ok for you.

Uncivil said...

I had a friend that I met at the boxing center in Wilmington NC back in 92. He was from New York City and came upon some hard times when he first arrived here.
He actually stayed in a mini storage unit for a short time.

He said he used a kerosene heater to stay warm in the winter, and took his showers at the boxing center.
He was tough as nails. Taught me a lot about boxing and cracked a few of my ribs in the process.

I think those storage units were less than $50 a month back in 1991 when he used one.

Serena said...

Is that the house across the street with the 4.5 billion lights?

No, different house. If those folks had a Pod, they'd no doubt string a zillion lights on it, too.:)

Ed said...

uncivil - Wow, amazing. I'd worry about affixiating with the heater or something. That and where would I plug in my 50" plasma TV?

sj - You've got a point there!

Johnny Virgil said...

son of gun! There it is! ha.