Friday, December 21, 2007

Anti Caption Contest

Ok, time for you to vote for the best picture that applies to the caption. The poll is on the right where I always put the polls. It being the Christmas time, I'll let it run for a few days and then I'll announce who the winner actually was once you decide it.

"That certainly wasn't how Johnny expected his day would go..."
Thanks to those that participated, it's looks like a tough decision to vote for just one!


justacoolcat said...

Hey! I thought we had until the end of the day. Johnny

Unknown said...

I cannot vote for my own picture. It was the best until I saw the others. Damn number 2 and all its glory!

Serena said...

They're all funny, making it hard to pick just one. But I did.:)

Ed said...

justacoolcat - Sorry about that; but VE time isn't quite precise...I just said Friday and I'm shutting down until after Christmas so I wanted to get this out there before I did so

kan - Vote from your heart!

sj - Good job! I still need to vote.

Kurt said...

I like voting.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

Gotta go with 4. Tis the season after all!

justacoolcat said...

Then #1 gets me vote. Come on people, it's Alf!

NYD said...

I wanted to vote for myself , but the Johnny Carson pic had me thinking, "Man, why didn't I think of that."
Good one.

the frogster said...

I'm gonna cast a half vote for 4 and a half vote for 2.

robkroese said...

I dunno. But Merry Christmas!

Scary Monster said...

Stompy Christmas, me freind.
Hope alla ya dreams come true!

Scary Monster.

Me goin out to nibble onna reindeer, yeah!

Camille Alexa said...

Happy holidays, dude. It actually snowed today, right?

Ed said...

Hey, a late Merry Christmas to everyone. Hope you had a great holiday!