Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Christmas Stress

Hmmm. I wonder what causes all the stress during Christmas time? Could it be:


Identifying unique and wanted presents for three generations of relatives that already have everything anyway?

Having to provide them a list of unique and wanted presents for me when in reality I just buy anything I want/need as I want/need it?

Having to come up with a master list of present ideas for my kids and then partition that into unique subset lists to provide each and every relative so that they don’t buy duplicates but have a variety of unique and wanted presents to choose from?


Is it stores that open at 5am on the weekend after Thanksgiving so that people can wait outside in line for a small inventory of highly discounted items? How sad is this? Do you really find it fun doing a hip check on that other mother so you can grab the last iphone “door buster” for $27.99?

Does it have anything to do with rooting through a six foot high mountain of crumpled up clothing looking for that right item just because it’s been marked down by 40% and everyone else ripped through the nice display like the items were on fire?

Holiday Events:

Is it the 4 hours you’ll spend getting through that popular neighborhood Christmas light display traffic jam because nobody is willing to simply bundle up and walk through it rather than drive?

Is it the need to have to:
- Go Ice skating once over the holidays
- Go visit Santa once over the holidays
- Go cut down a tree, set up, and decorate
- Find, sort, install, replace outdoor lighting
- Go caroling with the neighbors
- Try to schedule the 117 Christmas parties you’ve been invited to; some adult only some not
- Watch all of the “traditional” family Christmas movies and TV shows


Is it the non-stop Christmas music repeated over and over ad-nasium?

Is it the pace?

Is it the political correctness epidemic that is attacking the season this year?
- You know, restricting Santa from saying “Ho Ho Ho”
- Wanting a skinny Santa because a fat one makes for a bad role model.
- Having to put up snowflakes as town decoration because that doesn’t offend any religion?

Then again, maybe its the fruitcake…


justacoolcat said...

I really try to take the laid back approach. It also helps that most of my side of the family is going to be out of the country this year over xmas and we're not having our celebration until Jan 26th.

Serena said...

I think the stress comes from an ungodly combination of everything you enumerated. I'm doing pretty much whatever I feel like doing this year and taking no prisoners. I feel pretty much stress-free.:)

P.S. -- Does anyone actually eat fruitcake? Perhaps you should take a poll.

Anonymous said...

Yeah thanks there VE, now I am feeling stressed....

We have our first Christmas party (no, not a Happy Holidays party, nor a Festive Season Party a freaking CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!! Arggghhhhhh!!!) tomorrow night. With all the neighbors. Yeah the ones that spy on me. The ones I wrote the 'letter to my neighbors' and then chickened out on sending.... should be interesting to say the least, blog fodder at most.

Ho, Ho, Ho VE!!


Schmoop said...

Ha...good job VE. It is all of those things but I have to agree...It's the fruitcake. Or is that, fruitcakes. Cheers!!

ADW said...

It's the fruitcake.

That is all.


Unknown said...

I feel no stress during the holiday season. Work slows to a crawl, everyone is in a better mood, the weather becomes amazing, my holiday comes long before Christmas, so my shopping is done long before the rush. No stress at all.

Well, except for the fruitcakes.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I agree. I always get stressed when my wife doesn't get everything done in time.

*quickly runs away keeping head down*

Kurt said...

I love Christmas! Nobody goes caroling anymore, though.

Ed said...

justacoolcat - I don't know what it is, but I've been slow this year in getting going. Not stressed about it though.

sj - That's a great approach and good idea about the poll

kelley - Yeah, me too; this Saturday. I enjoy mine though. All of my neighbors moved into the neighborhood at the same time as it was new so we've gotten pretty close. We even all went partying down in Ixtaca, Mexico a couple of years back. So, it should be fun. But I am concerned, you said the "Ho Ho Ho" words. The PC police will surely be by to arrest you now.

matt-man - Never use the plural when discussing fruitcakes. You might explode...

adw - Hah, got wisdom in your old age... ;)

kan - If only you could have avoided the fruitcake; you would have had the complete stress-free season WITH nice weather. Even if I am stress-free, I cannot say that because the weather sucks here.

jeff - OMG. You let the magic words slip from your mouth! Quck, everyone look into this blinky light thing while I put these sun glasses on. BLINK. Ok, you will enjoy the holiday because you did everything collaboratively. There, all is better...

kurt - It's not as much fun when the drive by shooters are picking you off one by one like ducks...

Anonymous said...

I really, really LOVE fruitcake. Everyone is welcome to mail me their unused fruitcake and I will eat it in one sitting.

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