Sunday, December 09, 2007

Current News Jumble

Russia unconvinced on Iran sanctions
"Golden Compass" loses its way at box office
Hayden says CIA videotapes destroyed

Officials: Major oil spill off SKorea
Mall employee describes deadly shooting

Jobs report sends oil futures lower
Smith says film not yet OK'd in China

Gitmo prisoner aided bin Laden, US says
Tax, spending issues frustrate Democrats

No quick fix for subprime mortgages
Ray Liotta pleads no contest in crash

Bush seeks nuclear disclosure from Kim
Israelis uncover mansion linked to queen

New Miss California crowned after mix-up

Here are a few news clips from this last week. I figure, since the news is twisted around to support whatever the author wanted to be the outcome, why not just finish up what they started and scramble the news altogether.

Come play along, it’s easy. Just make your own news headline from these headlines.

Try it; it’s fun. Here are a couple of mine:

CIA uncovers Gitmo prisoner is the new Miss California

Ray Liotta linked to nuclear spill in Russia

In China, officials Ok’d deadly shooting

What can you come up with?


Schmoop said...

New Miss California and Ray Liotta say "Golden Compass" videotapes destroyed. Cheers!!

Uncivil said...

Democrats uncover Major oil spill off S Korea linked to Bush?

Russia unconvinced Ray Liotta crash not linked to Bush!

Gitmo prisoner uncovers Miss California's Bush!

Israelis uncover Miss California's Bush often mixed up with President Bush!

Uncivil said...

This has nothing to do with your news clips.......But did you hear.....?

Santa has to say Ha,ha,ha because Ho,ho,ho is no longer politically correct!

Ed said...

matt-man - That's terrible. I was looking forward to being disappointed with that movie...

uncivil - That last one is hillarious. And yes, sadly I had heard that. Right up there with the surgeon general complaining a fat Santa is a bad role model...

Anne said...

Ray Liotta loses [its] way at box office

? said...

In China, officials Ok’d deadly shooting

Okay, this shit can be for real. Have you read about some of the shit that goes down in China? They won't allow fat people to adopt their babies!

Unknown said...

Fun and creative.

Bush aided bin Laden, describes deadly shooting

New Miss California pleads no contest in nuclear disclosure after mix-up

Officials: Russia not yet destroyed

Mall employee describes “Golden Compass”: No quick fix

Tammie Jean said...

New Miss California videotapes not yet OK'd in China.

Mall employee describes Bush losing his way at the box office.


Ed said...

anne - Well I could expect he would lose his way after all of his drinking...

bottleblond - Not even Santa?

Kan - Good ones. I like that Miss California one; that's funny.

Ed said...

tammie jean - You are all just too creative. Bush getting lost in the box office; how true...