Saturday, December 01, 2007

News Mashups

The music industry has been doing music mashups for some time now. You know, mix up several songs into one blended song. I thought we could do the same with the news.

Here we see the mashup of the following three story lines:
1. The death of Evel Knievel
2. Julia Roberts chasing after paparazzi after a school incident
3. Writers Strike continues

In a fitting tribute to Evel Kneivel who died at age 69, here we see Julia Roberts in full Evel outfit jumping over the picketers for the writers strike that continues all the while she chases after some paparazzi video tapers that violated her comfort zone and hung out and taped her at a school.

And finally we see the mashup of these story lines:
1. The arrest of the man who held the Clinton campaign office hostage
2. Hulk Hogan being divorced by wife
3. Vintage Led Zeppelin T-Shirt sold for $1625 at Rock n Roll memorabilia auction
4. Two bags of pot found on roadway

In a strange coincidence, we see Hulk Hogan identified as the man who held the Clinton campaign office hostage earlier claiming Clinton supporters talked his wife into divorcing him. Here he is seen being arrested after just purchasing a vintage 1973 Led Zeppelin T-Shirt at the Rock n Roll memorabilia auction. The coincidence is that this all happened at the very spot where workers identified two bags of marijuana left on the roadway by unidentified sources. Bill Clinton was not in the vicinity and not a suspect in the marijuana investigation.


Anonymous said...

*snigger* I lurve that picture of Hulk Hogan, looks like he is preaching or something....

Here in Oz the only report that hit our shores was the 'death of Evil'. And I was thinking that Oprah was dead.

But alas....

Schmoop said...

When Evel gets to heaven I hear he is going to try and jump all 12 Apostles. Cheers!!

? said...

Hulk Hogan. I don't trust any man who bleaches his hair.

Ed said...

kelley - Oprah is dead?? Was she beat up visiting her South African school?

matt-man - That's funny. At least if he crashes up there he won't break 17 bones in the process

bottleblonde - Yeah and I don't know why he bought the vintage T-shirt; he just rips them off and ruins them anyway.

Mother Theresa said...

The writers I knew about, and I'm thinking they should hire you instead. So, did Julia bite any of the paparazzi?

Nessa said...

Great idea and very funny.

Scary Monster said...

Went to the Evil Kneivel Museum once. They had all the parts from all the motorcycles he smashed up. Admission were free, but you had to jump yer bike over a mote to get into the place.


Ed said...

theresa - Oh yeah, Julia was in her true Erin Brokavich mode...

nessa - Thanks. Haven't seen you around much, vacation/break?

sm - That's funny...I'm not sure if I'd make it in but I'd give it a try

Serena said...

I could have sworn Evil had already died, but I guess not. I hope Hulk gets to keep his new tee shirt in the divorce settlement.:)

Ed said...

sj - Evil never really dies!

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