Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Partial List Mania

Sure, I could be greedy and self-centered and provide you with a bunch of random lists to 10. But I think you’ve been good all year; you deserve to finish off the lists so instead I only went to 7 on each. The other three are yours for the taking. Let me know what else you got. Bring it on!

10 good Christmas songs (in no particular order):
1. Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree – Brenda Lee
2. Sleigh Ride – Ronettes
3. Please Come Home for Christmas – Eagles
4. Christmas Time is Here (Charlie Brown theme) – Vince Guaraldi
5. Another Lonely Christmas – Prince
6. I Saw Three Ships – Bruce Cockburn
7. The Christmas Song – Nat King Cole

10 things that drive me crazy when driving (in no particular order):
1. Just missing the rotation to activate a left turn signal and having to wait two cycles.
2. People that drive slow in the fast lane
3. People on cell phones that are oblivious to everything but their conversation
4. Red lights that don’t change even though nobody else is on the road
5. Laggers! Those people that don’t stay close to the car in front (and everyone cuts in)
6. Pausers! People that are picking their nose when the left signal turns green; then I don’t make it because of their slowness.
7. Fraidy Cat Mergers. People that form long lines in the “to merge into” lane because they are afraid to use the lange that merges for fear nobody will let them in; then, they wait so long that by the time they get up there, they don’t let anyone in that uses the merge lane properly.

10 things I will never own:
1. A motorcycle (sure I like them…but I like my body parts and life too)
2. A coffin (it’s a bit big for my living room…)
3. Golf Clubs (I already throw away enough money skiing in the winter…don’t need to make it a year round carnage)
4. Sports Car (I’m really sad about this…but I’d just get tickets and gas is too expensive)
5. Snow mobile (refer to number one…add snow)
6. Private Plane (a. I can’t afford it b. Remember John Denver? JFK Jr.? Exactly!)
7. A man bag (seriously…I don’t have that much crap I need to carry around)

Ok, fill 'em in...


ADW said...

I am so glad that you don't own a man bag. They give me the creeps for some reason.

Unknown said...


8. Christmas Song- Alvin and the Chipmonks

9. Merry Christmas(the war is over)- John Lennon

10. Little Drummer Boy- David Bowie and Bing Crosby.


8. That one car that always, ALWAYS, runs the red light.

9. The old people who cannot see over their steering wheels. It looks like robot cars, which is kind of cool, except they can't drive

10. The stations on my car stereo.


8. a slave. I was born to late to own one.

9. a German car.

10. a wrist watch.

Mother Theresa said...

One thing I hope I'll never own: a leafblower.

Ed said...

adw - Yeah, it's just weird, isn't it?

kan - Nice ones! I forgot about the old people...just come over and shoot me if I suddenly become one of them!

theresa - Excellent addition. Man, those things are noisy. Are they really and faster than a rake?

Anne said...

just last night on the way home from work a car ahead of me was hugging or over the lane line so you couldn't tell if they were going to change lanes or not.

I won't own a football team.

Anne said...

only the high HP leafblowers are better than raking.

i had my ipod on under my ear band while i blew leaves on saturday. husband had the rake, he was faster.

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

You chose my favorite Christmas song, Please Come Home for Christmas. I've always liked Anne Murray's Away in a Manger but only because I like her alto voice in that song.

Re driving, my big peeve is when someone is sitting in the left lane at a red light so you pull up behind them and wait for it to turn green. Then right before it does they throw on their left blinker and you get stuck behind them until all the oncoming cars have passed. Asshats!

I'll never own a new car. I have always found good deals on really nice used cars and I pay for them with cash. I hate car payments.

Kurt said...

How can I fill them in? I don't know what things drive you crazy.

Nessa said...

Song: Oh, Come All Ye Faithful.

Driving: People who pull out right in front of you only to turn at the next block (assholes.)

Not Owning: A fur coat.

Ed said...

anne - Good call on the indecisive driver. I like to drive my 67 Buick and drive them right off the road...ok I don't have a Buick, but I like to fantasize that I do that

kurt - It's those people that are just soooo literal; they drive me crazy!

jeff - Yeah, nobody seems to mention that Eagles song much. I'll get my 67 Buick to help push along those drivers for ya. Good call on the new car; I've done the 'slightly new' thing for a long time too because I don't do car payments.

nessa - Oooh, good call out on those two block idiots! Also, I don't think I'll own a fur coat either but my coats sometimes have fur on them (petting animals and such).

Serena said...

Lists. Yes! I love lists. I'm so tired now I'm cross-eyed, so I'm going to do your lists in the morning. And I agree with adw -- thank God you don't own a man bag. I'd be worried about you if you did.:)

Scary Monster said...

Me gots a "Murse" and walks with pride.
Kanrei put the good songs up on the list.

Me done be thinking that iffin me were gonna list ten things that bother me about driving then Me list would never make it out of me automobile. The Vixen does way more than ten things to make me want to smash me wheels into some litte old lady!

Keep on stompin VE!

Anonymous said...

Shrek the halls 'Five onion rings!'

That I have to share the road. People are stupid. I am superior. The end.

Will never own:

White boots. *shudder*


Ed said...

sj - It's best to read my blog when tired; you don't want a fully functioning brain exposed to such nonsense...

sm - Always good to hear from an old friend! Hope the Vixen doesn't read your comment about driving lest you be wearing that murse a different way! Stomp!

kelley - I won't own white boots either; it clashes with my blush. I'm glad that you own the roads in Australia; I'll come see you about renting some of them for awhile when I finally get down there.