Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Quick thoughts for the day

If you’re divorced, does that make your ex-inlaws outlaws?

Shouldn’t online dating sites have a feedback rating and comment section on each person like Ebay or Amazon?

Why do the dead always want to kill the living? Every movie it’s the same. Jeez, they are all so pissed off!

Movie sequel we didn’t see: The Way we Were II – The Way we Weren’t!
Software we didn’t see: Driving Miss Daisy – DUI Hollywood edition!
iTunes music CD we didn’t see: Metallica – The Napster Years collection

It’s fun to go to the library and leave notes in random books that say “I’ve left $20 in such and such book” and then leave a note in that obscure book that says “Sucker….”

You know what else would be funny? Challenge readers on a web site to answer several tough obscure questions. When they all astound you with their knowledge then do a follow up challenge and ask them a question on something you just make up. Whatever it is make it completely unique so that later you’ll be able to identify them all using Google statistics because they will all have done a google search to try and find the answer. Busted!!!!

In the Bible Job is described as a person beyond the protection of God and Satan descends upon him and Job suffers greatly.
In our daily world, a job is our work and essentially the same thing happens: Satan descends upon us and we suffer greatly.


Kurt said...

I don't have a job.

Also, I like the idea of a rating system for online dating profiles. I would have given my date a 6.

Unknown said...

The Never Ending Story had an ending. Weird, huh?
Although I was not that shocked when the sequels came out. They did say the story was "never ending" after all.

Personally, I have been waiting for a Buckaroo Bonsai sequel for years. Peter Weller and John Lithgow ain't doing much right now. Time is right to go back to the 8th dimension.

Ed said...

kurt - No job? Then you obviously aren't suffering enough! Oh, and a 6 is above average; not bad...

kan - That's a good point...but I'm glad it did end actually. Are we really ready to back to the 8th dimension? I think it would take that many dimensions to get us out of our national debt debacle!

Uncivil said...

It's fun to put rattlesnakes in womens purses and leave them on the sidewalk!:)

Ed said...

uncivil - Now that would be fun...except for the part putting the snake in the purse and getting it back later

justacoolcat said...

You know, I'll never get divorced, but I still call them outlaws.

Anonymous said...

You were that kid that would glue coins to the path to see who would try and pick them up, weren't you?

And what about Ghost, he didn't want to kill anyone. Except perhaps the viewer from vomiting from all the cheese.


Schmoop said...

Ha...Well done VE. A good question/observation I have heard comes from Jon Stewart. If "con" is the opposite of "pro", isn't Congress the opposite of Progress? Cheers!!

Ed said...

justacoolcat - It seems more fitting, huh?

kelley - No, thats not true, I was a nice kid. Oh sure, ghost...he ends up fighting and chasing his ex best friend until he dies too. Nice role model ;)

matt-man - Yeah, they sure seem to live up to that joke too, don't they?