Thursday, December 06, 2007

Twas the Night before Posting

Twas the night before posting and all through the blog
Not an idea was stirring; VE’s head in a fog

Yahoo news; it was searched and perused with great care
In hopes that big idea would soon be there

His readers were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of extreme nonsensical posts danced in their heads

And girlfriend in her (can’t tell you), and I in my (nor this),
Had just settled down (but to tell you what for would be remiss)

When out from my screen saver there came incoming mail
And the urge to spring to the keyboard, I could not curtail

Away to Outlook Express, I clicked with my mouse
All the while my relationship status slipped toward the doghouse

The hourglass rotated while I waited patiently for it to finish
Curiosity was mounting and the anticipation would not diminish

When what to my wondering eyes should appear
But an a hyperlink in an email shaped like a tiny reindeer

With a click I was whisked away to a site so profound
I knew in an instant St. Blog’s homepage I had found

More rapid than cable access his post ideas did reveal
His gif logo whistled and shouted, “They’re all here to steal”

The upside of global warming, Soundtracks doomed to fail
All the post ideas were there and filled out in great detail

I greedily copied using the control and C key
Was about to paste to my desktop when what did I see

But a video link that said please click on play
It seemed that St. Blog had more things to say

He told me that the audience be it many or few
Were only a part of why we do what we do

The other part was simply that it should feel good for us
To create something from nothing while avoiding a fuss

Then he told me a joke and finished his post while he did
I laughed and I watched him like a mesmerized kid

His hands were a flyin’; 140 words to a minute
He’d laugh and he’d twirl, he was really getting in it

The prose was amazing, terse and so true
It made you laugh and then think some things through

I was ashamed to have thought I’d just steal all his stuff
Suddenly only my original material was good enough

Then he hit his publish button; he’d finished his post
And I realized he’d already given me what I needed the most

It was this idea of a parody on an old Christmas poem
So I said my goodbyes so I could compose it alone

And while I was composing away beneath my small desktop light
I heard him exclaim as the video faded from sight
"Merry Christmas to all the bloggers, and to all a good-night"


Unknown said...

There is certainly a theme of some description going on here. I really wish I were clever enough to spot it.

Great poem you pseudo-wannabe-thief =P.

Anonymous said...

That was great. Enjoyed it quite much. And now for the eggnog ants and Christmas rush. Okay, I'm not so good with this stuff..

Ed said...

kan - There might be a theme; but there is no logic here. Yeah, I always did want to be a thief.

rjlight - Welcome. Thanks. Enjoy those ants...

Serena said...

Bravo! I just love a man possessed of such poetic prowess.:-)

Gnomeself Be True said...

Great job!

Anne said...

I hope the girlfriend liked it enough to forgive the absence.

Ed said...

sj - I've been called possessed before...but in a slightly different context

iamnot - Thanks.

anne - Flowers and groveling help

Anonymous said...

Shoes work better VE. A girl can't resist a pair of pretties! Or is that just me....

That blatant rip off poem is fab. Had me giggling :)


Schmoop said...

That was moving.

Ed said...

kelley - Shoes...that enters the scary zone because I can be certain I'd pick out the wrong ones and lose all my points I was trying to gain

matt-man - Moving as in emotionally touched or you just had a bowel movement?

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