Tuesday, January 22, 2008

All Natural

It’s time to go a little more natural. Wood has such a natural look and feel. Time for me to move to a wooden bicycle…

Ok, I’ll admit it, my first one was a bit rustic and rugged. It gets me in the “Alaskan Rugged Guy Club” though
But I got a little more sophisticated and bought some power tools. The second attempt wasn’t too much better. It really affected that fire department's ability to respond...

Maybe I just had to combine primitive feel with modern convenience. My third attempt was the first try at that endeavor

I know, I know; handle bars, a seat, and pedals would have helped. But you gotta start somewhere!

My next attempt was much more sophisticated. I even incorporated a cool car like steering wheel and some nice paint (which eventually wore down)

As time went on though, I just got better

And better
Until ultimately, I became a true artist

Of course, I eventually moved on to bigger more challenging endeavors. And once again, my wooden car attempts began pretty humble

But improved considerably over time


Unknown said...

I love those bikes sooooooo much, I'm sporting wood....


Honestly, those last few bikes are quite amazing work.

Nessa said...

Men and their wood...

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

I know why the first two weren't successful. Have you ever tried to get a splinter out of your butt?

Ed said...

kan - Now why does it not surprise me I'd get the first "wood" joke from you...

nessa - Yep, couldn't be avoided, could it?

jeff - I'm sensing some personal experience with that...

Little Wing said...

I am here from Parenthetically Speaking.

Wood is good.
You are funny as hell!

Serena said...

I don't know, I think wood can be put to better use.:-)

Mother Theresa said...

Looks like you have a lot of free time on your hands(and a lot of wood too)...must be all those holidays you blogged about a while back. I'm still wincing over Jeff's splinter comment -ouch! ;)

Unknown said...

Now why does it not surprise me I'd get the first "wood" joke from you...

I was going to post about the wonderful environmental benefits that would derive from such eco-friendly traveling devices, but then realized exactly which blog I was gazing upon and decided to lower my approach. That and I gotta be me….

Ed said...

lw - Welcome. Thanks

sj - Yeah, everybody has one thing on their mind.

theresa - Who told you I had a lot of wood...how embarassing

kan - True, true

Kurt said...

I saw a gorgeous wooden bicycle in Bali once. Have the photo somewhere.

Ed said...

kurt - Bali huh? OPE must be doing better than you let on! ;)

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