Saturday, January 12, 2008

Arm & Hammer Part Deux

I was so intrigued at the responses from my last post on the versatility of baking soda that I’ve decided to list just some of the amazing things you can use this stuff for. Check it out:

Baking cakes and other goodies
Deodorant (just a pinch under the pits)
Laundry detergent
Cleaning toilets
Save the planet from carbon footprint
Clear up acne
Put out fires
Kitty Litter
Bee Sting medication
Sweeten sour dishcloths
Teeth Whitening
Artificial snow at ski resorts
Getting celebrities drug habits in check
Hair regrowth
Bi-polar cure
Poor soil fertilizer
Conduit for world peace
Wormhole producer for time travel

Amazing! Ok, I might have embellished the truth toward the end there…or perhaps not!


Nessa said...

It is also good as an antacid, a dandruff cure, setting off volcanoes and as a prop for jazzing your local drug enforcement agent or neighborhood junky.

Carla said...

Amazing. Why on earth would one need anything else?

Uncivil said...

Baking soda used in conjunction with Hydrogen peroxide is the best teeth whitener!

Put a cap full of hydrogen peroxide in your mouth for a few minutes. Some people say for ten minutes?

Then spit out the peroxide and brush with baking soda. Don't forget to floss too!!!

Then rinse and brush with your favorite toothpaste.

Schmoop said...

I've always found useful in reducing the itch and discomfort of anal warts. Did I just type that out loud? Cheers!!

Ed said...

nessa - I'll have to try that volcano one; good tip

carla - That's all I carry when I backpack...I learned it from Rambo

uncivil - Does that mean I can drink more wine then?

matt-man - Anal warts is a debillitating problem and not your fault. Ask your doctor about medications with a lot of side effects...

Jeff and Charli Lee said...

World peace? Wow, I had no idea. Apparently they don't sell this product in the Middle East.