Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Wii oh Wii

Damn my neighbors. They all went broke buying one of those damn Wii systems for their spoiled children at Christmas and now I’m stuck as the evil suburban dad that didn’t either wait in this stupid line:

Or go online to Ebay and bid on a Wii system for this much money:

You know a company has a supply/demand problem when there are businesses set up to actually charge you money and they will track down where an available Wii system is and then text you so you can go racing over to the store to get it.

But wait a minute. I’m a resourceful guy. I can do this on my own. I watched Oceans 11, 12 and 13 and if they can do that, I can certainly find a Wii system.

Where do I start? I know…I’ll start where they start. According to my crack team of researchers, the Wii systems are made in North Bend, WA. Hey…that’s not that far away.

Of course, a secret recognizance mission out to the factory revealed that it would be all but impossible to infiltrate this compound.

I’d have to focus on the shipping. I set up a surveillance station.

Thirteen Snicker bars, a couple bags of Nacho Cheeze Doritos, Astronaut diapers, and a whole lot of energy drinks later, I’d identified the shipment trucks.

Oh how sneaky….using unidentified white trucks. Checking my newly acquired mobile map device; the same device used by the CIA and the NSA…I quickly identify the potential routes out of the factory. I’ll follow the truck and set up a detour and then an ambush site.

Having purchased official looking white sedans and untraceable explosives, I set my trap and execute…

Perfect. I have a truckload of Wii systems all to my own. I jump out to grab my prize only to realize to my horror that they are all melted. Errr….I might have used too much explosives.

I retire to my home and call to order a system for next May…like the rest of the world.


Kurt said...

This time I may know what you are talking about. A wii is a video game thingee, right? Right?

Schmoop said...

Not a total loss. Maybe your exploits can be the basis of the newest Wii game. They'll give yo uyour props then. Cheers!!

Serena said...

My niece has a Wii and it was pretty fun to play. I don't have the necessary masochistic gene to punish myself like that to obtain one, though.

NYD said...

My wife wants a Wii and if I buy her one there will never be an end to all the software purchaces to follow. I just cut the picture of a Wii out of a magazine and taped it to the Playstation. Weeeeeeeee!

Ed said...

kurt - You are right. Are you sure its a good think to know what I'm talking about.

matt-man - There's a thought. I'll send you a nice card when I make my millions...

sj - You have to disipline yourself to pay the ultimate price

nyd - That cut/paste idea is good; I'm going to have to use that sometime. Perhaps I can just paste a photo of me onto my chair at work...

Serena said...

Yes, and therein lies the rub. I have no discipline.:-)

Memarie Lane said...

I can't vote in your poll, there's no "all of the above" option.

Nessa said...

Looks like a simple plan.

Maureen said...

We got daughter at Wii for Christmas, bought it last November for $270 and it came with an additional full-priced game for free. You should come up to Canada; we have loads up here. Now we just have to find that damn Guitar Hero for it... now THAT's a hard find!

(and yes, it IS a lot of fun!)

Ed said...

sj - Looks like it's boot camp for you then!

marie - Sure you can vote on more than one item

nessa - And they're always the ones that are the worst

maureen - Yes, my parents have one and it is fun. It's still hard to find here. I have the Guitar hero III but we already had a Play Station so that wasn't hard to find.

Anonymous said...

Your shitting me.

Really? People are paying this?

In my town we have a glut of 'em. My kids got one for Christmas and then my brother went out and bought himself and my father one.

And Guitar Hero? Every man and his 3 legged dog has it.

I guess us Aussies are just special. Save your money on Ebay and buy a ticket to Australia.

Better yet send me 40 grand and I will ship you one.

Ed said...

Kelley - Figures. There's always some glut somewhere. I once went to Singapore back in the 90s and bought 6 Disney Laser Discs for $30 each and then sold them back in the USA at $100 each. Not a bad profit to finish a vacation trip with.